Dragon Honor Army

The Dragon Honor Army was a early superpower of the Teen Grid. Formed during the fall of Black Fire, the group was associated with the Wind Dragon Mercenaries, the predeccessor of Black Talon. The Dragon Honor Army was commanded by LEO Damone. It fell during extensive sabotage from New Rome, then a upstart army. The Dragon Honor Army was reformed and regroup as the Valkyrie Alliance.

Early History

The Dragon Honor Army was founded upon the dedication to a better Teen Grid. The Dragon Honor Army used an insignia of a dragon looking onto the ocean, a symbol of the tranquility sought by the Dragon Honor Army's leader. It was founded towards the end or directly after the end of Blackfire. The Dragon Honor Army grew to become one of the largest teen superpowers, next to the mysterious Black Talon, originally Wind Dragon Mercenaries. Growing to near the size of 300 members, the Dragon Honor Army achieved a large base and secured technology, at the time advanced, but inferior to modern army standards.

Coming the upstart foundation of New Rome by Darckk Trilam, the Dragon Honor Army found a instant enemy: New Rome. From this point began a new stage in the Teen Gridwide War. Several battles occurred between the Dragon Honor Army and New Rome. LEO Damone and Darckk Trilam became bitter enemies, and in a series of events, Dragon Honor Army was destroyed through sabotage. Darckk Trilam managed to destroy his enemy, and move on to defeating the only other remaining superpower, Black Talon, led by Martial Logan.

Contemporary History

The fall of the Dragon Honor Army also spurred the loss of LEO Damone's account. His password changed, and his nation destroyed, he had lost his leverage over New Rome for the return of his account. However, Martial Logan managed to secure LEO Damone's account from New Rome and return it. Remnants of the Dragon Honor Army regrouped under a new banner, the Valkyrie Alliance, led Commander LEO Damone. The High Command consists, besides of the Commander, Tactics Advisor Vattic Gray and Taco Carter.

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