Dragonlord949 Kit: The Best Shooter on TG

No battle can begin if you do not have the will to end it. - Dragonlord949 Kit


Dragonlord949 Kit was teleported to the Teen Grid on 6/7/06. He started out as a complete noob, unknowing of his own talents and ability. Once he landed on the mainland, he was welcomed by a veteran player named Nicholas Lange. He controlled a small army called "Death God", which was prospering during the time. Nicholas asked Dragonlord if he ever played a shooting game before, and Dragonlord said "Yes. I'm pretty good at them." Nicholas then decided to test Dragonlord, giving him a freebie shotgun. He first started with normal targets, hitting them like any other person would. But, once he started skirmishing with Nicholas, he knew that Dragonlord wasn't an ordinary shooter. He was an incredible dead shot, hitting with impeccable accuracy at anyone who fired at him. Nicholas began teaching him all the tricks of the trade, such as the double-jump, and became Dragonlord's mentor. Dragonlord rose up the ranks in Death God so quickly that he literally became owner in a week. Unfortunately, the group died due to land problems. Dragonlord then became a freelance mercenary, and got hired to attack New Rome. Once he got to Arx II, the base of New Rome at the time, he stood in awe at it's massive size and protection. He took out a new gun he had gotten, and started to attack by himself. In what was like a few minutes, one of New Rome's soldiers had been taken hostage by Dragonlord, and Dragonlord demanded that New Rome would surrender. He was then confronted by Darckk Trilam, the Emperor of New Rome, and raised the white flag. Dragonlord was amazed by how fun it was to fight New Rome, and at that moment, joined them in their quest of Grid Unification. He became one of the only soldiers in Rome to actually rise up in rank just because of fighting skill, and reached all the way up to Praetor, which is a commander. He was declared, on a list made by the Jaded Blade himself, to be the best shooter on the Teen Grid, or the "Master Chief" of TG.

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