Drevus Valerik is a fictional character in the critically acclaimed theatre production, War Games. In the initial 2010 lineup, Valerik is portrayed as a kindly, bumbling but ultimately well-intentioned man who had lost his way and was struggling with a quest for redemption. In both the 2011 and 2013 run, his aversion to responsibility was widely received as being unreasonable and wilful, with many spectators stating that they found his cowardice most distasteful, particularly when held-up to how the character was originally written.

His appearance too has varied widely, with each director giving their own unique interpretation on his physique and attire. Perhaps most notably, Aelus Kaur famously made the controversial decision to have Valerik don a monkey suit for the duration of the play - an unusual but metaphorically apt choice that would later be repeated by Eadge Neox and Nordic Sarjeant in the 2013 production.

He is widely noted for answering to nobody.

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