DwiTek is a corporation on the Teen Grid of Second Life. DwiTek is ultimately led by Leachim Villota, and is known to be a very wealthy organization. Founded in April of 2007, DwiTek has been known since it's foundation to be extremely left-wing. It's members are known to religiously be Atheists or Satanists, and politically are known to usually be Communist or Extremely Liberal. DwiTek is also known to be engaged in it's own war against Rightous Iron Fist, attempting to do so under the disguise of a Private Military Corporation. Other known members of DwiTek include Mystik Exonar, Kommador Bigboots, Halts Hienrichs, Char Enfield/Alaric Gothly, and others. Reports from Righteous Iron Fist intelligence recognize DwiTek is associated and perhaps allied with the reincarnation of British Military; the Striatus Corporation. DwiTek is generally disliked by the majority of the military presence in the Teen Grid. The membership consists of almost exclusively veterans of New Rome but still contains people from many military backgrounds and a few with none.


DwiTek has been known to reside in these private simulators at some times:

  • Arpeggio
  • Carroll
  • Scarborough
  • Reggiano

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