In 2008, the ELITE 3000 Second Life Unit (E3KSLU for short) was introduced as part of ELITE 3000 in which it started with Elite Jigsaw, then Elite Runner (because ELITE 3000 nuked Elite Jigsaw b/c of inventory mishap) but had a temporary account Elite300 Abbot. The E3KSLU does Youtube videos as part of the E3KSL Video series since 2009. He has been into SLI, Gentek, Astaro, Lusch, SZYM, LMD and Eightland Racing (previously FIZIX).

E3KSLU and Viewer Usage

The E3KSLU used the official Second Life viewer for many months, from 1.x to the current version (v3.2 as of time of writing) The E3KSLU had tried Emerald viewer (before it got blocked in 2010), Emergence viewer and Phoenix Firestorm viewer.


Currently, the ELITE 3000 Second Life Unit iis headquartered at region Solace Lake, run by Elite Runner (Display Name: Ryan Elite), with his partners Dylan Serin (Display Name: Stan Smith) and vincent Deir (Dylan's assistant). Dylan owns Suplex Technologies, and is partners with ELITE 3000 and the E3KSLU. Former places were Tanglewood, Heron Island and several other places over the era of the E3KSLU.


The E3KSLU first made a car in 2009 in which it was named "The Elitemobile Project" with DT scripts and a speedometer. Once the E3KSLU met Eight Blinker, he gave the E3KSLU the D2 Chassis and the E3KSLU revamps the car with a speedometer and tachometer and renamed from the EX 3000 then the Rex. Once the E3KSLU met with Eight again and showed the Rex, Eight says the Rex needs improvements so the Rex has been rebuilt from the ground up. In 2010, the E3KSLU ditched the Rex and renamed to the Zapax. Over time, the Zapax had design changes, tweaks, impovements and new features. In the future, the E3KSLU will recreate the Zapax using mesh, including the wheels, gauges, lights, seats and spoiler. The Zapax isn't only the vehicle the E3KSLU had created. The E3KSLU also created the Shark (was the FX2500) in which it shows a multi-use vehicle. The Shark is a multi-use vehicle that can fly, go on land and go on water. The Shark first started off with no wheels, but later on, the Shark included wheels. Over the months and years, the Shark had slight design changes and technology overhauls. The E3KSLU also made the Raptor, Jaguar and Butterfly (was the Rainbow) but was discontinued in 2011.

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