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In the MacOS cmd is used rather than ctrl.

The Edit menu is a Second Life UI element that contains the following options:

  • Undo (Ctrl-Z) - Undoes certain changes made, such as typical operations like text and building changes to prims in edit mode (though it's buggy with multiple selected prims).
  • Redo (Ctrl-Y) - Redoes changes; also works in edit mode on prims as Undo does.

  • Cut (Ctrl-X) - Cuts text; does not work in edit mode.
  • Copy (Ctrl-C) - Copys text; does not work in edit mode.
  • Paste (Ctrl-V) - Pastes text; does not work in edit mode.
  • Delete (Del) - Deletes text; works in edit mode as well as other parts of the user interface (such as in inventory; sends items to trash).

  • Select All (Ctrl-A) - Selects all text; does not work in edit mode.
  • Deselect (Ctrl-E) - Deselects selected items.

  • Duplicate (Ctrl-D) - Will duplicate (copy) a selected prim or object, if the avatar has permissions. The duplicate will appear offset by .5M in the X and Y axis.

  • Attach Object - Allows the resident to attach the selected object to an attachment point via a submenu which lists them all.
  • Detach Object - Gives a submenu with a list of attachment points to detach the selected object at that point.

  • Friends... (Ctrl-Shift-F) - Opens Friends Window which shows the resident other residents they have as friends.
  • Groups... - Opens Groups Window which lists the groups the resident belongs to.

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