As a company, we recognize that three-dimensional online worlds are moving away from gaming-only content and towards something much bigger: an open platform for interactive content akin to a highly social 3D version of the World Wide Web. The Electric Sheep Company seeks innovative solutions that combine technology and community to help continue this trend.

Our primary virtual world is Second Life where we conduct much of our business and keep a virtual headquarters on Sheep Island. Second Life is an explosively growing digital world with hundreds of thousands of users who make their own creations using a simple but sophisticated set of 3D modeling tools and a powerful scripting language. Second Life residents can design and build models of practically anything imaginable, including homes, vehicles, clothing and fully interactive games. They also can make real-world money by selling and trading their creations, due to an active and legal currency market for the in-world Second Life currency, the Linden Dollar.

Additionally, many real-world organizations are finding uses for Second Life. Universities are incorporating it into research and courses[1][2][3], while non-profits and businesses are finding ways to use it as a fast, cheap, and powerful tool for modeling, conferencing, and producing and sharing interactive content. We believe that Second Life and its user-created, web-connected virtual world model has the potential to become much bigger and better than it already is. Making this dream a reality is what motivates us as individuals and as a business.

Our role in all this is twofold. As a consulting group, we seek to help organizations find ways to use virtual worlds to realize their business, educational, and marketing goals. See our services page for information about our services, and our portfolio to view previous projects.

At the same time, we seek to build the platform of Second Life in general, by creating tools and services of use to the resident community. We are working with Linden Lab, creators of Second Life, on developing tools for more sophisticated search within their platform, and we have independently created or begun to create several tools enabling search for different aspects of Second Life, including Second Life web pages, Second Life in-world content, and Second Life chat. We also have created the OnRez version of the viewer client.

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