Eros LLC is an industry specific team of designers, artists and programmers dedicated to "A Passionate Design for the Metaverse". Founded in 2004 by Stroker Serpentine, this Florida based corporation pursues the integration of Adult Content Providers and Virtual Worlds. Eros is the parent company of "Strokerz Toyz©" and "ErosVue©", two branded enterprises that have successfully merged animations,video and sound into the adult genre. Eros is committed to the development of tasteful erotic content presented in an immersive environment conducive to interaction. Some of Eros' efficacious commercial properties are SexGen© and Team Eros.

Eros LLC vs. John Doe

Near the weekend of July 4th, 2008, Alderman spearheaded yet another lawsuit against a Second Life avatar named "Volkov Catteno", temporarily named "John Doe" in court documents, for copying and reselling his virtual SexGen beds. Through several subpoenas served to Linden Lab, Paypal, AT&T and Charter Communications, "Volkov Catteno" was named to be Robert Leatherwood. Leatherwood did not respond to the copyright and trademark infringement complaint within the allotted 20 days, during which time Alderman was able to persuade the court that selling virtual goods for Lindens, an in-game currency which converts out to United States Dollars or the Euro, does constitute a "use in commerce". A default judgement was entered against Leatherman pursuant to Chapter VII of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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