Eros Veritas is very popular club/mall on the teen grid that was founded in the beginning of March 2009 by DylanRyan Charisma and maintained by his later accounts, Eros Foehammer and DylanRyan Faith, and by a small selected staff of managers. Eros is hugely popular by most of the users of the Teen Grid. It is one of the most popular and loved social spots on the grid.


Eros was born in Bay City - Brewster, and then was opened in an estate sim called Haven. Once Haven was shut down, clubs were opened in Krakatoa and Eden, as well as malls in Eutopia and Eden. In June 2009, the location was permanently set to Epic, occupying a sixth of the sim.

Because of a disagreement with the Eutopia Estate owner Fi Folland, Eros was relocated to the mainland sim Pinkwater in the Fall of 2009. Once DylanRyan got over his ego, he moved Eros back and now the entire Northern half of Epic is home to it. The location currently boasts an outdoor club area, an indoor club area, a beach area, an outdoor stage area, a teengo stadium, an indoor mall and various stores (Sobriquet, Tee, Yivo, Devine D., Deluxe Designs and Oz).

Most Popular Attraction

Clearly, it's most popular attraction is "Dylan's Linden Bear Collection," which is composed of 26 bears that DylanRyan started collection on March 17, 2010. It is commonly referred to as 1,008 prims of absolute awesomeness.

Why Eros was Founded

It was founded to stop the bullying of noobs.

From Eros Veritas: The Next Generation group information:

"Our goal is to provide a place where all are welcome to have fun. A place where no one is judged by their race, sexual orientation, beliefs, amount of L$, level of SL experience or any other factor... Big Ideas. Big Dreams."

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