Look at this, you found our page. I'm just going to save you plenty of trouble and tell you that you should not bother. Exilion as it was will never return. We had our faults and we learned from them. Only time will tell if we'll ever bother with another group again. Thanks for all the friends and enemies! - Alyx Arkright

Due to massive trolling and plenty of wrong information being written here, we decided to remove the content of this article. It has nothing to do with rage or anything equal, but those who "wanted to bring truth" to this page actually did the exact opposite. And if you are still reading this or any other SLMC Article, you are wasting your time. I'm not going to confirm any rumors etc. Even if there would be any plans, you would never hear of them. Thanks for the good times to those who cared and did not turn into trolls. - K. Mayo

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