Second life fairy by arrissaxblood angel, on divantart

a female fairy in water.

fairys are creatures in second life they are like avaters but have wings and are male and female it was a myth in 2034 april.but they added them in a second life update the are small and are the size of flowers in second life there very hard to see but yes there in game and are nice the place to see them whould be jaded wings.thats the laction

urban myths

this creatures was a second life myth for a little bit but begin 2 resot and was in second life second life people said they were tiny and were also beautiful indeed faires are myths today but many say its a fake myth we dont know but we know in second life it was.they are rare to see thats why its hard to see.

females & males are normally faires they both have wings and are like avaters but are smaller then normal avaters 

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