Current Name: Deutsches Kaiserreich (RoG)

Kaiser (Commander): Friedrich Sauber

Theme: The stock markets of the United States of America and most of europe fall caused by massive inflation. Riots ensue as temperatures rise and gas prices soar. The CDU, A german democratic party, resigns over threats of a revolt. it was quickly replaced by the Green Party, which decides spends massive amounts of money in an attempt to fix the economy, but ends up causing acute inflation. Due to the German Constitution of the Federal republic preventing military forces from intervening in civil affairs, The german government was incapable of preventing a coup'd'tat by the German National Party. Once in Power, the Leader of the German National Party was quick to establish himself as a dictator by taking advantage of the riots and economic depression of Germany, declaring that there were "Terrorists" amongst them. He was quickly able to secure "Emergency" Powers from the Bundestag(German parliament), and used them to declare himself the 'Kaiser' or Emperor. He quickly established Germany as a military state, and reformed the German economy. by 2060, Germany had the most powerfull economy in europe again. and by 2065, by far, the largest and most powerful military in all of europe. War is on the horizon as the factions of the world bid for domination, the people are assured that Germany's place in the sun will be secured by the Kaiser and the German Military.

About: The DKR is a highly organized paramilitary institution based on discipline and loyalty. The DKR was founded as "Republic of Germany" By Tristan Mineff(Friedrich Sauber's old alternative account.) sometime during May 2006. Known as "RoG" the initials of the former Republic of Germany, It is still called "Rawg" by many older members. At it's peak, it had 300 members and played a main part in defeating the Merczateers during Operation MMC. It has had many financial and funding issues throughout it's time, and varying levels of membership and support. As a result of afformentioned financial issues, RoG has regularly died, losing land and becoming inactive for a few months before regaining land to repeat the process. This has happened nearly 20 times since it's creation. Formerly known as the President, Then the Fuehrer, and now, Kaiser, Friedrich Sauber decided to change the name of Republic of Germany to Deutsches Kaiserreich. for aesthetic purposes during the latter half of 2009. While he was gaining experience, he has changed the structure of RoG several times. Each time trying to solve the problem of lack of discipline and responsibility, which has givein RoG a bad name in the past. The DKR, as RoG is now known, is also the founding member of The Anvil Coalition.

Base Of Operations - Under Determination

Motto: "Gott Mit Uns." (German "God with us.")

Recruiters: Recruitment closed.

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