A file is a document on a computer that can be an executable (EXE), dynamic link library (DLL), text (TXT, INI, LOG, etc), sound (WAV, OGG, etc), texture (BMP, TGA, JPG, etc), etc.

Second Life has a few important files:


  • cg.dll
  • cgGL.dll

With the integration of Mozilla into SL 1.10, a few more files were added (to the PC version anyway):

  • dbghelp.dll
  • gksvggdiplus.dll
  • js3250.dll
  • msvcr71.dll
  • nspr4.dll
  • nss3.dll
  • nssckbi.dll
  • plc4.dll
  • plds4.dll
  • smime3.dll
  • softokn3.dll
  • ssl3.dll
  • xpcom.dll
  • xul.dll

These files, along with ~10MB in the ..\app_settings\mozilla\ folder, increased SL's installer by ~5MB (to ~25MB) and installed (uncompressed) size by ~20MB. An ever-increasing client doesn't make testing preview releases fun since the entire client is mindlessly redownloaded for each new build instead of SL having a more intelligent patch system whereby only relevant files are updated ("patched").

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