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First Land was a program Governor Linden introduced to help new residents acquire land at reasonable prices. Under this program Residents who had never purchased land could purchase 1 512 square meter parcel for 512 L$.

Most residents realized that 512 square meter parcels were very limiting and savvy residents developed a number of methods to circumvent the one time restriction, including creating ALTS who would buy adjoining First Land parcels and then sell them to the primary AV for zero dollars resulting in 1024 or larger plots.

An additional result of first land was residents creating ALTS, buying first land and reselling it to land brokers.

Finally, a limited group of land brokers developed professional systems to acquire First Land for their real estate systems.

The sum total of these machinations was a system, while well thought of, was rampant with abuse to the point of becoming counter-productive.

On Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 The Governor announced an immediate discontinuation of the First Land program.

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