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Flexible is a property that can be set on a prim through the edit window or via script. Setting a prim to flexible will cause it to "flex" either with movement or by being blown by the wind. This setting allows residents to create things like Jell-O, capes, tails, etc. Prim flexibility was introduced in SL 1.9.1/1.10 and is a client-side effect.

The flexible effect can be turned off via Debug > Rendering > Features > Flexible Objects (Ctrl-Alt-9). "Flexible Mesh Detail" is also changable through Preferences > Graphics Detail.


  • Only box, cylinder, and prism prim types can be set flexible.
  • Flexible prims can not be physical and automatically turn phantom. However, this can be bypassed by linking flex prims to a solid and/or physical root prim.
  • The prim property shear is ignored when a prim is flexible.
  • "Balls at the end of strings" (end-to-end links) and things like that won't flex seamlessly yet due to not having hierarchical linking.


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