The Fourth gridwide war, though not considered a grid wide war because of the state of the grids militaries, with most disbanded and weak as it was.

The 'war' started when t3hh4x Orr of BM made use of an old alliance he started as a joke with Exuvae Hykova when they both were allies. This unused group was called the GFTO, a play on the meme 'GTFO'.

At the beggining of the war, the goal of the GFTO was to destroy the Talon by collecting all the grids factions into the Grid Faction Treaty Organisation. Though at first successful; collecting Netra, Rome (Regardless of the fact Romans had t3h bullied at school for his oppositions.), ASR, VA, AZ, leaving Talon on their own, with a neutrality towards the Iron Fist.

Talon had not provoked this hostile move by t3h, and so were immediately angered. Famously Talon said that t3h had hit the hornets nest with a stick, and and so Talon launched their blackops. The GFTO was dismantled, t3h created a corporation which he named Striatus and abandonned the BM ship.

By the end, though most of the factions BM and t3h tried to sway to attack Talon never actually did, and very little physical war occured, Talon still converted Netra, VA and AZ.

Eventually ASR became cynical of Rome because of their inability to flex their non existant muscle, and have since planned to break off.

T3h now argues the GFTO war was a draw, though he was drove to a hole, and his plans with GFTO have been -Prevented- which is a victory condition in any war. Naturally one would expect a loss if you oppose something, or someone for the wrong reasons, this war was a perfect example. Talon fought off the grids armies in a covert war simply because t3h felt that the Talon leader: Exuvae Hykova deserved to 'Get his one day'.

Exuvae still hasn't 'Got his' to this day.

- Proof of ASR's discontent over it's weak allies. [20:31] Shawn Hutchinson: Anyways [20:31] Shawn Hutchinson: ill let you guys in on a secret [20:31] Shawn Hutchinson: ;p [20:31] Shawn Hutchinson: t3h wont be here for longz [20:31] Shawn Hutchinson: so you dotn really have to worry xD

[20:32] Shawn Hutchinson: maybe ;o [20:33] Shawn Hutchinson: And where starting to move away from rome ;o [20:33] Shawn Hutchinson: romes a bitch >.> [20:33] Shawn Hutchinson: No qouting [20:33] Shawn Hutchinson: quoting*

Another famous event during this war was the GFTO meeting. Several GFTO members met together to discuss an attack they would launch against Talons sims. T3h was ranting about how Exuvae Hykova could controll actions and plan ahead of time to control any situation. Talon naturally had an informant in this meeting, and decided to prove t3hs inane ramblings correct by faking Exuvaes Hacking, which instantly spread all over the grid and to the meeting. A crate was then sent to the meeting which was named 'Talon tech full perms' - They rezzed it on the table greedily, only to find a picture of a red spy saying 'You just lost the game, Love exu'

At first the GFTO members played dumb, until Netra told them they had lost the game and joined sides with Talon right there.

GFTO Meeting transcript - The public deserves to know what they had planned regarding monopolies etc.

[17:09] t3hh4x Orr: You can offer to give other people a HUD, the server will then give them a HUD. More HUDs you give to the HUDless, more credits you get. [17:09] Shawn Hutchinson: not sure if you got a copy of that [17:09] Connected [17:09] t3hh4x Orr: Credits can be used to buy more products... [17:09] t3hh4x Orr: etc [17:10] t3hh4x Orr: And we're going to sell...pretty cheaply [17:10] You: Ah.. There we go. [17:10] You: Alright, So how much have I missed..? [17:10] t3hh4x Orr: And basicaly, make Talon lose it's only actual attraction. [17:10] t3hh4x Orr: Once enough people have HUDs...we'll open the platform [17:11] t3hh4x Orr: And you lot, the GFTO members, can sell your stuff on the system to [17:11] t3hh4x Orr: I know some of you, mainly Rome, have issues with grup-only weaponry/group exclusive [17:11] t3hh4x Orr: But i'm sure you can nip up some stuff for it [17:11] t3hh4x Orr: For the purposes of the easiest propaganda route ever [17:12] t3hh4x Orr: The HUD... [17:12] t3hh4x Orr: We get into the public via your sending it in a notice with ASR and Rome gets alot of HUD people [17:12] t3hh4x Orr: They give it out to others, etc [17:12] t3hh4x Orr: In about a week it would be rather popular [17:13] t3hh4x Orr: Instant you guys set your weaponry on the platfor, most of the grid will know who you are [17:13] t3hh4x Orr: And compare that to how many know Talon... [17:13] Kharne Spyker: Talon is quite notorious [17:13] Kharne Spyker: As it is. [17:13] Kharne Spyker: Also Rome [17:13] t3hh4x Orr: As it is, most of the grid will think of them in terms of tech as the only attraction [17:13] Kharne Spyker: Don't know levels of notorious-ness of BM/Ne'tra/ASR, though. [17:14] t3hh4x Orr: You lot release decent stuff on the platform, and Talons attraction is useless [17:14] Shawn Hutchinson: i dont sell any weapons. [17:14] You: They aren't that high. [17:14] t3hh4x Orr: Completely useless [17:14] t3hh4x Orr: Again, i'm sure you could make some just for the platform [17:14] t3hh4x Orr: There is no denying the amount of people we'd reach [17:14] t3hh4x Orr: Exu and co simply won't be able to compete [17:14] t3hh4x Orr: We openly outtech them... [17:15] Kharne Spyker: I'm doubting the impact this will have... Because as far as I've seen, people only like it if it's "hidden and exclusive", yet somehow gets out. [17:15] Kharne Spyker: For free. [17:15] Kharne Spyker: Like the Roman gear. [17:15] t3hh4x Orr: A free HUD? [17:15] Kharne Spyker: Anyone can make a store. [17:15] Kharne Spyker: But the objects are free. [17:15] Kharne Spyker: aren't* [17:16] t3hh4x Orr: Yes, anyone can. Open sourcing the HUD does nothing [17:16] BloodLetter Freenote is Online [17:16] t3hh4x Orr: Only issue is if you lot get your own stuff open sourced [17:16] t3hh4x Orr: And that would hapen anyway, HUD has no impact [17:16] t3hh4x Orr: And if the stuff you make is exclusive to it [17:16] t3hh4x Orr: Who cares? [17:17] Gabriel Adkins is Online [17:17] t3hh4x Orr: Talon lose, gentlemen [17:17] t3hh4x Orr: This is the way to hit them [17:17] t3hh4x Orr: Oh, did I mention you'll come out filthy stinking rich [17:18] t3hh4x Orr: LOL [17:18] Shawn Hutchinson: Zeb [17:18] Shawn Hutchinson: .. [17:18] Elk Fall: :o [17:18] Elk Fall: Should i not be here >.>? [17:18] Shawn Hutchinson shouts: KAY BAI [17:18] Shawn Hutchinson: Hes snoopy. [17:18] t3hh4x Orr: Right.. [17:18] Ghost Tone is Offline [17:18] t3hh4x Orr: If you can find a flaw, please do [17:19] Ghost Tone is Online [17:20] Ghost Tone is Offline [17:21] t3hh4x Orr checks his watch [17:21] Ghost Tone is Online [17:21] t3hh4x Orr: Found one? [17:21] Kharne Spyker: I doubt the impact this will have. [17:21] t3hh4x Orr: Ok, but you won't mind checking? [17:21] t3hh4x Orr: That's why I said [17:21] Kharne Spyker: Residents don't really flock to military items for sale. [17:21] t3hh4x Orr: When we reach a certain number of people [17:22] t3hh4x Orr: So we release them on your notices [17:22] Kharne Spyker: They would rather flock to free military gear which was previously exclusive. [17:22] t3hh4x Orr: And if they spread enough... [17:22] Kharne Spyker: The HUD is like a catalogue, then, aye? [17:22] t3hh4x Orr: Essentially, yes [17:22] t3hh4x Orr: The HUD itself doubles as a multitool [17:22] t3hh4x Orr: So even if they don't buy anything, they'll always have the option [17:23] Gabriel Adkins gave you Crusader Round. [17:23] Kharne Spyker: Alright, then run some trials. We'll see how successful it gets. [17:23] t3hh4x Orr: A reason to keep the HUD on [17:23] t3hh4x Orr: Ok [17:23] t3hh4x Orr: So you'll let us use your notices? [17:23] Kharne Spyker: I have Roman stuff to build before I go off on a public item sale spree. [17:23] t3hh4x Orr: True [17:23] Alaric Gothly is Offline [17:24] t3hh4x Orr: Ok [17:24] Char Enfield is Online [17:24] t3hh4x Orr: We're also doubling up as a mercenary group [17:24] t3hh4x Orr: As our excuse to keep fighting [17:24] t3hh4x Orr: lol [17:25] Shawn Hutchinson: brb. [17:25] t3hh4x Orr: Alright, anything else to discuss? [17:25] Kharne Spyker: Adam is giving threats. [17:26] t3hh4x Orr: I'll challenge him to do them [17:26] t3hh4x Orr: It's Adam, dude [17:26] Kharne Spyker: "Gfto's surprise is still, let's say, 'being delivered'" [17:26] Kharne Spyker: Annnd [17:26] Kharne Spyker: LEO's online [17:26] You: Hm. [17:26] Kyle Antwerp is Online [17:27] t3hh4x Orr: Oh by the way, Kharne [17:27] Constantine Redgrave is Offline [17:27] t3hh4x Orr: Me and Lozz tested our railgun at Rome, incase you get complaints [17:27] Shawn Hutchinson: back. [17:27] Zeevoxa Klaxon is Offline [17:28] t3hh4x Orr: I think [17:28] t3hh4x Orr: The 'surprise' [17:28] t3hh4x Orr: Is that exuvae dosn't realise we know what Harkunn is [17:29] t3hh4x Orr: Helped by the fact he has a chatlog of us preparing to assault it now [17:30] Exuvae Hykova gave you Statement 14.. [17:30] Shawn Hutchinson: Nice anims [17:30] Lozz Gustafson: ^^ [17:31] Zeevoxa Klaxon is Online [17:31] You: .. [17:31] t3hh4x Orr accepted your inventory offer. [17:31] Shawn Hutchinson accepted your inventory offer. [17:31] You: Any of you guys get that? [17:31] Kharne Spyker accepted your inventory offer. [17:31] Lozz Gustafson accepted your inventory offer. [17:31] You: Before now, obviously. [17:31] t3hh4x Orr: Exuvaes picks [17:31] t3hh4x Orr: It says [17:31] t3hh4x Orr: 'target' [17:31] t3hh4x Orr: 'the devils tactics' [17:32] Kharne Spyker: Who gave that to you? [17:32] You: Exuvae. [17:32] t3hh4x Orr: I am fed up with these damn newbs who think they are 1337 hackers [17:32] Kharne Spyker: Oh? [17:32] Kharne Spyker: So he was hacked [17:32] Kharne Spyker: ? [17:32] t3hh4x Orr: No [17:32] You: Looks like it, Don't know. [17:32] t3hh4x Orr: Exuvae is using a metaphor [17:33] t3hh4x Orr: Which is painfully obvious [17:33] Kharne Spyker: FEDERAL.14 [17:33] Kharne Spyker: Tribe.7? [17:33] Targetace Clinton is Online [17:33] t3hh4x Orr: Oh God... [17:33] t3hh4x Orr: Yes [17:33] t3hh4x Orr: Referencing that [17:33] t3hh4x Orr: Tribe 7 was fake [17:33] t3hh4x Orr: A cover up [17:34] t3hh4x Orr: So he's sayign this notecard is essentially bull if you take it literally [17:34] t3hh4x Orr: Take it as a metaphor [17:34] t3hh4x Orr: And he says that due to our actions and wishes to destroy him [17:34] t3hh4x Orr: He has been forced to killed Talon [17:34] t3hh4x Orr: Kill Talon [17:34] Kharne Spyker: Exuvae? [17:34] t3hh4x Orr: As in the Talon we thought we were facing is dead [17:35] Kharne Spyker: So Blue wasn't BSing? [17:35] t3hh4x Orr: And we should be preparing for a completely different enemy [17:35] t3hh4x Orr: Because an army is determined and shaped by those they face [17:35] Targetace Clinton is Offline [17:35] t3hh4x Orr: He's basically saying he's implemented the RPG system, to change Talon beyond what we thought it was because he is adapting to his enemies [17:35] t3hh4x Orr: enemies=cient [17:36] t3hh4x Orr: changing talon=killing the old talon we thought we were facing [17:36] t3hh4x Orr: request of my client= the fact we wanted him dead, forcing him to change [17:36] Kharne Spyker: I think you're reading into things too much. [17:36] t3hh4x Orr: Federal 14=reference to the bull that was tribe 7 [17:36] t3hh4x Orr: Nah, he does this all the time [17:36] Kharne Spyker: Who says Tribe was bull? [17:36] t3hh4x Orr: I used to talk to him while he wrote them [17:37] t3hh4x Orr: Oh lol, we eliminate Tribe 7 joint with Talon [17:37] t3hh4x Orr: From any investigations [17:37] t3hh4x Orr: Ages ago [17:37] t3hh4x Orr: Because it was bull, Isaac clued us in in his notecard [17:37] t3hh4x Orr: Without stating it [17:37] Kharne Spyker: I've talked to Tribe <_< [17:37] Kharne Spyker: And the reason Isaac wrote the card [17:37] Kharne Spyker: Was to find explanations [17:37] t3hh4x Orr: The Kissinger Report [17:37] Jok3z Martian is Online [17:37] Kharne Spyker: Also the reason he went to Talon. [17:37] Kharne Spyker: "Explanations" [17:37] t3hh4x Orr: Kissinger covered up for Nixon at Watergate [17:37] Shawn Hutchinson: be back in a sec. [17:38] t3hh4x Orr: Tribe was likely Isaac covering for Junk [17:38] t3hh4x Orr: Not likely [17:38] t3hh4x Orr: Almost definete [17:38] t3hh4x Orr: Exuvae has long asserted he dosn't control talon [17:38] Kharne Spyker: No, Junk didn't do it. [17:38] t3hh4x Orr: He says he'll remain to atch events unfold [17:38] t3hh4x Orr: Essentially, another excuse to not fight [17:40] Crispus Sciarri is Offline [17:41] t3hh4x Orr: Talon have begun Warmest Dawn [17:41] Razigeer Aluveaux is Offline [17:41] Crispus Sciarri is Online [17:41] t3hh4x Orr points to Kharne, then to Shawn [17:42] t3hh4x Orr: Expect Black Ops on you [17:42] t3hh4x Orr: Mason, Exu still thinks you're dead [17:42] You: Hm., [17:43] t3hh4x Orr: Anybody else got anything to say? [17:43] You: No, I'm in "Think Mode" [17:43] Kharne Spyker: Black Ops are a lie. [17:43] Zombie Pye is Online [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: No...Talons good at Black Ops [17:44] Kharne Spyker: Waste of my time to pursue it. [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: I've watched them work [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: Becuase they're small and tight [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: They all do it amongst themselves [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: You and Shawn can't do black ops [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: Because of you're size and style [17:44] Kharne Spyker: It's called Arcani. [17:44] Kharne Spyker: And it's semi-active. [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: Not Black Ops [17:44] t3hh4x Orr: Black Ops is them getting you banned [17:44] Kharne Spyker: Black Ops are nothing to fear. [17:44] You: Do you have any [17:45] You: Arcani in Talon? [17:45] Kharne Spyker: Not yet. [17:45] You: Hm. [17:45] Kharne Spyker: Hard to get them in. [17:45] You: Do any of us have anything in Talon, Honestly? [17:45] Kharne Spyker: He ejected anyone under a year. [17:45] Kharne Spyker: From training [17:45] t3hh4x Orr: I have enough [17:45] Kharne Spyker: I'm working on one. [17:45] Kharne Spyker: :) [17:46] Shawn Hutchinson: cassius [17:46] Kharne Spyker: Just don't cuss in chat, paste IMs in public, etc. etc. [17:46] Kharne Spyker: You'll be set to go. [17:47] Zombie Pye is Offline [17:47] Kharne Spyker: "Black Ops" is just Marty and a couple of his friends reporting for some chatlog they got. [17:47] Kharne Spyker: It's nothing big. [17:48] Joe Duettmann is Offline [17:48] Kharne Spyker: You overestimate Talon and Marty's abilities. [17:48] Kharne Spyker: Talon's tech is not that advanced, at all. [17:48] Kharne Spyker: He's an emotionally unstable teen. [17:48] t3hh4x Orr: Wasn't that the whole point of my pitch [17:48] t3hh4x Orr: -_- [17:48] Kharne Spyker: And the key thing is to remember [17:48] Kharne Spyker: He's a teen [17:49] Kharne Spyker: Just like us. [17:49] Kharne Spyker: He's not capable of long, drawn-out plans that fall right into key just like some bad mystery flick. [17:49] t3hh4x Orr: If I am, he is [17:49] Kharne Spyker: He likes to give that appearance, however. [17:49] t3hh4x Orr: And if i've seen him plan before\I'll see him plan again [17:49] Kharne Spyker: And he will take any opportunity to play out his own personal TG mystery flick. [17:50] Richard Diller is Offline [17:50] Kharne Spyker: He's given you that impression, t3. [17:50] Cassius Luik: ao off [17:50] Kharne Spyker: Whether he can or not remains to be see. [17:50] Kharne Spyker: seen* [17:50] t3hh4x Orr: Dude, he's described his plans for the next months in detail on IMs before [17:50] Kharne Spyker: And personally, I doubt him. [17:50] t3hh4x Orr: I don't do impressions, bloody hell [17:50] Kharne Spyker: Alright. [17:50] t3hh4x Orr: I watch him carry them out [17:50] Lilmister Paine is Online [17:51] t3hh4x Orr: Impressions are his favourite thing, but he dosn't go long term with that [17:51] t3hh4x Orr: Too risky [17:51] Halts Hienrichs is Offline [17:51] t3hh4x Orr: He does simple shit like [17:51] t3hh4x Orr: Never going on voice [17:51] t3hh4x Orr: etc [17:52] Kharne Spyker: Which gives the impression of mystery, which he plays on. [17:52] Targetace Clinton is Online [17:52] t3hh4x Orr: No, which makes it less obvious that he is a teen [17:52] Kharne Spyker: Marty is a teenager, younger than me. [17:52] Kharne Spyker: He's not a genius. [17:52] t3hh4x Orr: We stop thinking of him in terms of age and more in terms of stature [17:52] Kharne Spyker: Which is why people often forget [17:52] Kharne Spyker: That indeed [17:52] Kharne Spyker: He is a teen. [17:52] Kharne Spyker: Just like us. [17:52] t3hh4x Orr: And he may not be a genius, but he is pretty damned clever [17:52] Kharne Spyker: He is not a god, he is not invinvible. [17:53] Kharne Spyker: Invincible* [17:53] Kharne Spyker: He has flaws. [17:53] Kharne Spyker: And when you exploit them [17:53] Kharne Spyker: He runs away. [17:53] Kharne Spyker: Into "Hibernation" [17:53] Kharne Spyker: He cannot stand up for himself, he is subversive. [17:53] Lilmister Paine is Offline [17:53] t3hh4x Orr: We're exploiting his flaws [17:53] Kharne Spyker: Which is something else to exploit [17:53] Kharne Spyker: The fact that we can, and he can't. [17:53] t3hh4x Orr: INFANTREE RUSH wil do sh*t all [17:54] Kharne Spyker: It shows that we can fight, we choose to fight, and it's what Talon soldiers want to do. [17:54] Halts Hienrichs is Online [17:54] Kharne Spyker: Martial, however, can not/does not. [17:54] t3hh4x Orr: Then you break out the orbis script cr*p [17:54] Kharne Spyker: Nah [17:54] Kharne Spyker: Fighting. [17:54] t3hh4x Orr: That then makes you seem to stoop to a new low [17:54] Kharne Spyker: Just fighting. [17:54] t3hh4x Orr: That's what you told us to do last meeting [17:54] t3hh4x Orr: Calling them 'bunker busters' [17:54] Kharne Spyker: Ah no [17:54] Kharne Spyker: That was my plan on Harkunn. [17:54] t3hh4x Orr: Which he now has a notecard of [17:54] t3hh4x Orr: -_- [17:54] Kharne Spyker: But, Harkunn is useless. [17:54] Kharne Spyker: Boycott the sumbetch. [17:55] Kharne Spyker: We work on Reed [17:55] Ghost Tone is Offline [17:55] Kharne Spyker: Because indeed [17:55] Kharne Spyker: He's easy to work on [17:55] Kharne Spyker: Wiggle him free. [17:55] Kharne Spyker: Bada boom [17:55] Kharne Spyker: Harkunn goes bye bye, same with the RP. [17:55] Kharne Spyker: Talon is forced back on the grid. [17:56] Kharne Spyker: We hit them in Gordon, exploit their dirty tricks that they will indeed play. [17:56] Kharne Spyker: Their soldiers become heavily demoralized [17:56] Kharne Spyker: Or, bail. [17:56] Kharne Spyker: Strong attacks, on all fronts. [17:57] Revenio Rhiadra is Offline [17:57] Kharne Spyker: Psychological with the rush, physical with the spawning, and also mental to use the same trick Martial does - invincibility. [17:57] Kharne Spyker: "We cannot be stopped." [17:57] Kharne Spyker: That mentality, not only in his soldiers [17:57] Kharne Spyker: But in him. [17:57] Kharne Spyker: And that's how you do it. [17:57] Kharne Spyker: Push him into hibernation. [17:58] Kharne Spyker: Where he can sit in the corner of his playpen [17:58] Kharne Spyker: and think for awhile. [17:58] Kharne Spyker: Maybe build a bit. [17:58] Kharne Spyker: His soldiers will bail on him [17:58] Kharne Spyker: And his officers will sit in hibernation. [17:58] Kharne Spyker: Or, rather [17:58] Kharne Spyker: "Hibernation" [17:58] Kharne Spyker: aka, dead. [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Do you... [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Have any... [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Idea... [17:59] Kyle Antwerp is Offline [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: What you're actually doing [17:59] Kharne Spyker: I've done it before. [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Yes, it failed [17:59] Kharne Spyker: It worked. [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Big time [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: He can now go into hibernation whenever he wants [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Whenever [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: And still control half the grid [17:59] Kharne Spyker: Good. [17:59] Kharne Spyker: Err [17:59] Kharne Spyker: No [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Err [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: Yes [17:59] Kharne Spyker: He really doesn't control a lot. [17:59] t3hh4x Orr: All your enemies [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: Until GFTO was set up [18:00] Kharne Spyker: Sparta was a spawn of his help. [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: Have been controlled by him [18:00] Kharne Spyker: Sparta was his attack dog. [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: You have to leanr to realise that Talon cannot be defeated on the battlefield [18:00] Kharne Spyker: And look how successful that was, aye? [18:00] Kharne Spyker: From the battlefield to the mind. [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: That was VERY succesful [18:00] Kyle Antwerp is Online [18:00] Cassius Luik: Sparta did nothing [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: You lot went a year in bloody death [18:00] Kharne Spyker: Sparta is dead, Rome is alive. [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: Absoloute death [18:00] Cassius Luik: maybe a distraction [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: For an entire year [18:00] t3hh4x Orr: That's how succesful it was [18:01] Kharne Spyker: Sparta didn't have a part in that. [18:01] t3hh4x Orr: You had an effing stroke of luck and a web modem to get you back to where you are now [18:01] Kharne Spyker: Cassius, why were we in The Depression? [18:01] Targetace Clinton is Offline [18:01] Cassius Luik: all of it [18:01] t3hh4x Orr: They jacked your men, they raeped your base [18:01] t3hh4x Orr: They destroyed you because you were in a position where you lived and died on the batlefield [18:01] Kharne Spyker: [18:00] Xanthos Exonar: Dude [18:00] Xanthos Exonar: The sims are wiped [18:01] Kharne Spyker: Bingo. [18:01] Kharne Spyker: :) [18:02] Cassius Luik: Talon has nothing [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: Exu can recover form that, ya know [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: And again [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: It's comlete BS [18:02] Cassius Luik: thats all exu does [18:02] Cassius Luik: is "Recover" [18:02] Kharne Spyker: t3, nobody on the grid is going anywhere. [18:02] Velen Forager is Online [18:02] Kharne Spyker: The best we can do is push him into hibernation. [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: Oh God, you are going to die again [18:02] Kharne Spyker: Once you're on SL, you're hooked. [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: If you keep thinking liek this [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: Because you're stuck on the battlefield [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: And that is where you live and die [18:02] t3hh4x Orr: And Exu can go anywhere he likes [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: And you can't touch him [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: Because you don't know how [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: And he can control your enemies [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: he can run them up your arses [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: He can obliterate you without doing any fighting [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: He did that [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: he has done that [18:03] Kharne Spyker: *sigh* [18:03] Cassius Luik: you give mart too much credit [18:03] t3hh4x Orr: And he can do it again [18:03] Kharne Spyker: Indeed. [18:04] Kyle Antwerp is Offline [18:04] t3hh4x Orr: And until you get it rhough your goddamned skull that infantry rushes achieve nothing against a man who has learnt to refuse to be affected by them [18:04] t3hh4x Orr: You will not win this war [18:04] Cassius Luik facepalms [18:04] Kharne Spyker: He won't [18:04] Kharne Spyker: But we aren't fighting Martial, are we? [18:04] Kharne Spyker: We're fighting Talon. [18:04] Kharne Spyker: And thus [18:04] Kharne Spyker: Martial. [18:04] t3hh4x Orr: Talon is Martials family. [18:04] Kharne Spyker: Exactly. [18:04] t3hh4x Orr: Think of it like that [18:04] Kyle Antwerp is Online [18:04] t3hh4x Orr: And the reality hits home [18:05] Kharne Spyker: You injure Talon [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: Talon [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: Have not [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: Died [18:05] Kharne Spyker: And Mart goes into hibernation [18:05] Kharne Spyker: aka death [18:05] Kharne Spyker: His "Family" [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: Because they do not live or die where you can touch them [18:05] Kharne Spyker: Bail on him pretty easily. [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: His hibernations are non existent, he is simply not where you are [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: He retains control [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: He retains the war [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: he retians the master stroke [18:05] Kharne Spyker: He leaves SL, and lets his guys do his work. [18:05] t3hh4x Orr: And his guys are bloody loyal [18:06] Kharne Spyker: His guys sit down [18:06] Exuvae Hykova gave you Snapshot : Talon - Ordos Sanctium., Harkunn (146, 77, 50). [18:06] Kharne Spyker: And say [18:06] Kharne Spyker: "Now what?" [18:06] Kharne Spyker: He goes and jacks off on some other game [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: And he's never left SL, I havn't known a day when he's not online [18:06] You: Hmmmm.. [18:06] Kharne Spyker: Logs onto SL, but in solitude. [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: Nah [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: He has a tight following [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: Tight [18:06] Kharne Spyker: Alright, his tight following. [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: With the people that matter [18:06] Kharne Spyker: Jack and Blue. [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: And have you converted any of them? [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: Anybody here done that? [18:06] Kharne Spyker: Jack was Roman, you forget. [18:06] Whelman Beerbaum is Online [18:06] You: Rofl.. [18:06] You: Damn [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: Yes, was [18:06] t3hh4x Orr: Key [18:07] You: Check Talons Sims [18:07] Kharne Spyker: Laroca? [18:07] t3hh4x Orr: Moment Exu came out of hiding [18:07] You: Sabine has a giant [18:07] You: X over it [18:07] t3hh4x Orr: He flocked back [18:07] Kharne Spyker: X for Mature [18:07] t3hh4x Orr: The very moment [18:07] Kharne Spyker accepted your inventory offer. [18:07] Kharne Spyker: Pwned. [18:07] Shawn Hutchinson accepted your inventory offer. [18:07] Lozz Gustafson accepted your inventory offer. [18:07] t3hh4x Orr accepted your inventory offer. [18:07] Kharne Spyker: Looks like Marty [18:07] Kharne Spyker: Indeed [18:07] Kharne Spyker: Was hacked, or being an idiot. [18:08] Kharne Spyker: So [18:08] Kharne Spyker: Looks like Blue was right. [18:08] Zeevoxa Klaxon is Offline [18:08] Kharne Spyker: I have a hardon again. [18:08] Kharne Spyker: :) [18:08] Lozz Gustafson: o.0 [18:08] t3hh4x Orr: And if he decides to move to Gordon [18:08] t3hh4x Orr: You can hit him [18:08] Kharne Spyker: All the better for us. [18:08] t3hh4x Orr: What if he moves somewhere else? [18:08] Kharne Spyker: Bawww [18:08] t3hh4x Orr: You've lost him fromt he radar [18:08] Kharne Spyker: Where is he gonna go? [18:08] t3hh4x Orr: Everywhere he's gone before [18:08] t3hh4x Orr: And can you tell me where that is? [18:09] Kharne Spyker: If he loses the sims, he has to sit on the grid. [18:09] Kharne Spyker: Gordon, probably. [18:09] t3hh4x Orr: Nah dude, tell me where he goes [18:09] Kharne Spyker: If he leaves Gordon [18:09] Kharne Spyker: He'll go to some random parcel. [18:09] t3hh4x Orr: So why can't you ever hit him [18:09] Kharne Spyker: And build. [18:09] t3hh4x Orr: Any other time [18:09] Kharne Spyker: Because he's a ghost, he doesn't really do anything. [18:09] t3hh4x Orr: He still commands all your enemies [18:09] Kharne Spyker: Only subversive. [18:09] t3hh4x Orr: Yet you cant hit him [18:09] Kharne Spyker: Alright, let's identify Sparta. [18:09] t3hh4x Orr: And if Sparta fails, does exuvae [18:09] t3hh4x Orr: No [18:10] Kharne Spyker: Sparta was a joke group. He gave them support, and Copper became his lapdog. [18:10] t3hh4x Orr: He can move on to the next lot of groups [18:10] Kharne Spyker: Why? [18:10] Kharne Spyker: Because he gets to take action against us [18:10] Kharne Spyker: But have us not pin it on him. [18:10] Shadowski Pintens is Online [18:10] Kharne Spyker: He's not in the picture. [18:10] Kharne Spyker: But, behind closed doors [18:10] Kharne Spyker: He's controlling Copper. [18:10] Kharne Spyker: So, Sparta dies [18:10] Kharne Spyker: Copper sells off his troops [18:10] Kharne Spyker: For a sum of 60k [18:11] Kharne Spyker: The loyal ones head to Talon [18:11] Kharne Spyker: End of story. [18:11] Copper Shriner is Offline [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: It dosn't affect Exuvae [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: If his armies die [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: Becase there's always more [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: And if there isn't [18:11] Kharne Spyker: Not a damned bit, because he 'had no control' over them. [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: He can afford to wait [18:11] Kharne Spyker: Talon is his home. [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: And wage his own way of war [18:11] Kharne Spyker: His own group. [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: Devar corp, nevar corp, etc etc [18:11] Kharne Spyker: That he owns. [18:11] Kharne Spyker: Nevar? [18:11] Kharne Spyker: Nevar forget. [18:11] Kharne Spyker: Lol [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: Talon is in the picture very little [18:11] t3hh4x Orr: Compared to his splinter corps [18:12] Kharne Spyker: Talon is his main group, his splinter "Corps" are just roleplay elements. [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: No [18:12] Kharne Spyker: Same members. [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: Dude [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: Lol [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: You have no idea what he does in those groups [18:12] Kharne Spyker: Builds. [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: Yeah, he spends his times retching [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: he infiltrates [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: he supplies spartans, etc [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: He may use Nexus to do that [18:12] Kharne Spyker: So be it. [18:12] Kharne Spyker: Sparta's dead. [18:12] t3hh4x Orr: He infiltrates your groups because you probably don't know who to look out for [18:13] Kharne Spyker: It doesn't phase me. [18:13] t3hh4x Orr: He runs the whole show from another untouchable angle [18:13] Kharne Spyker: I have spies in Rome, I know it. [18:13] Kharne Spyker: I don't care. [18:13] Kharne Spyker: They can only help on the battlefield. [18:13] Kharne Spyker: I have nothing to hide within groups. [18:13] Zombie Pye is Online [18:13] t3hh4x Orr: You can't touch him [18:13] t3hh4x Orr: When he goes to the corps [18:13] t3hh4x Orr: he's untouchable [18:13] t3hh4x Orr: Otherwise you'd have won the war ages ago [18:14] t3hh4x Orr: Because you always outnumbered him, no mater what hibernation stage [18:14] Kharne Spyker: t3, people don't just "win" on SL. [18:14] t3hh4x Orr: It can win [18:14] Cassius Luik accepted your inventory offer. [18:14] t3hh4x Orr: You're stuck [18:14] Kharne Spyker: It's very rare that anyone can push anyone off of SL completely. [18:14] Kharne Spyker: It's self-done. [18:14] t3hh4x Orr: With an enemy you can't cover all the angles of [18:14] t3hh4x Orr: You can cover one: guess what [18:14] t3hh4x Orr: We can cover another [18:14] Kharne Spyker: The front. [18:15] Kharne Spyker: But [18:15] Kharne Spyker: There's no way to cover his "supa secret" information network. [18:15] Kharne Spyker: Because frankly, it doesn't exist. [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: You can kill his spies if you kill the group [18:15] Kharne Spyker: And if it did, there would be some leakage of it. [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: You [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: And ASR [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: Can do one thing [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: Force him out of the battlefield [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: And into hibernation [18:15] Kharne Spyker: Which is the best we have. [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: But if you refuse to accept that you havn't won at the end of that [18:15] Kharne Spyker: There's no way to cover his personal adventures. [18:15] t3hh4x Orr: Then you will die [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: We can cover his personal adventures, they run on one thing [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: And we have that covered [18:16] Kharne Spyker: Thusfar, what I've done seems to be successful. [18:16] Kharne Spyker: Because I'm alive [18:16] Kharne Spyker: And so is Rome. [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: You're reborn [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: Difference [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: You were dead [18:16] Kharne Spyker: Some may consider that. [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: And i'm amazed you havn't realised that [18:16] Kharne Spyker: But indeed, we were pretty low. [18:16] Kharne Spyker: I wouldn't say dead. [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: You live and die on the batlefield [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: You died [18:16] Kharne Spyker: We had more active members than any other group. [18:16] t3hh4x Orr: Oh but everyone else did [18:16] Kharne Spyker: But we were still low. [18:17] t3hh4x Orr: And you definetly did not have more active members [18:17] Kharne Spyker: Indeed we did. [18:17] Kharne Spyker: Ask Junkfood sometime about his training. [18:17] Kharne Spyker: And training schedules. [18:17] t3hh4x Orr: Ask him how many stayed [18:17] Cassius Luik: if we were dead we wouldnt have taken back what is ours and nickolas jinn would have been our leader and we would have dildos up our butts... [18:17] Kharne Spyker: That's something else completely. [18:17] t3hh4x Orr: Dude, you're traffic should've been high if it was active [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: Any army can rebirth [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: Talon was dead [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: You ot them [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: But dude [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: they accepted it [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: And they changed, beyond what you could touch [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: And they turned the tables [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: They accepted their death [18:18] Kharne Spyker: Not necessarily. [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: Accept yours or you can't change [18:18] Kharne Spyker: What have they done? [18:18] Kharne Spyker: Since then/ [18:18] Kharne Spyker: ?* [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: They destroyed Rome [18:18] t3hh4x Orr: Destroyed [18:18] Kharne Spyker: They had no part in it :) [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: They controlled [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: All the armies against you [18:19] Kyle Antwerp is Offline [18:19] Kharne Spyker: Why did we enter The Depression, Cassius? [18:19] Shawn Hutchinson: What does it matter If they where dead or not, There still Kicking [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: They had every part in it [18:19] Organized Republic is Online [18:19] Cassius Luik: Because Darckk was banned [18:19] Kharne Spyker: And who got Darckk banned? [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: No, don't give me your bullsh*t roman propaganda [18:19] Lilmister Paine is Online [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: Ok, dude [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: Who practically ran my show [18:19] Kharne Spyker: But he didn't send the report. [18:19] Kharne Spyker: You did. [18:19] Kharne Spyker: I've forgiven you for it. [18:19] Kharne Spyker: But [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: Nah, I wuldn't be in that position though [18:19] t3hh4x Orr: If he hadn't got me there [18:20] Kharne Spyker: Yes, you were pushed by me. [18:20] Kharne Spyker: If you were controlled as a pawn so seriously and deeply by Exuvae [18:20] Kharne Spyker: We have bigger issues here. [18:20] t3hh4x Orr: Copper was the same, only worse [18:20] Kharne Spyker: Indeed. [18:20] t3hh4x Orr: So was...every other army against you [18:20] t3hh4x Orr: Hell, ask geeky [18:20] Kharne Spyker: And Copper couldn't hold his own. [18:20] t3hh4x Orr: he's going through it right now [18:20] t3hh4x Orr: Ask LEO before Exu screwed him over [18:21] t3hh4x Orr: Sparta and co wouldn't have joined usin that war without Exus express permission [18:21] t3hh4x Orr: LEO was left thnking wtf [18:21] t3hh4x Orr: He controls [18:21] t3hh4x Orr: Exu can fight if you take everythign away from him [18:21] t3hh4x Orr: Unless you take away that which he does himself [18:21] Kharne Spyker: They're saying Mart was hacked. [18:21] Kharne Spyker: The best thing we can do, Rome I mean [18:22] Kharne Spyker: Is to kill the army. [18:22] Kharne Spyker: We can't kill Martial, the man. [18:22] Kharne Spyker: But we can strip down his army. [18:22] t3hh4x Orr: Go nuts, we'll go for his likely corps [18:22] Kharne Spyker: By all means. [18:22] Kharne Spyker: I'd enjoy that. [18:22] t3hh4x Orr: And I can go for the man... [18:22] Kharne Spyker: But don't overestimate him. [18:22] t3hh4x Orr: If I overestimated him I wouldn't think I coudl outech him [18:22] Kharne Spyker: He isn't a god, he isn't invincible, he has faults. [18:22] t3hh4x Orr: Which is actually ridiculously easy [18:23] t3hh4x Orr: Just we need to extreme this one [18:23] t3hh4x Orr: because we need to cpativate the ublic [18:23] t3hh4x Orr: Not him directly [18:23] t3hh4x Orr: So he loses control [18:23] Kharne Spyker: He's never had control over the public. [18:23] Kharne Spyker: And frankly [18:23] t3hh4x Orr: If the platform does well, feel free to make stuff for it [18:23] t3hh4x Orr: It'll be open to all GFTO members [18:23] Kharne Spyker: The public dislikes Talon. [18:23] Shawn Hutchinson: thats a opinion [18:24] Lilmister Paine is Offline [18:24] t3hh4x Orr: Rome, until recently [18:24] t3hh4x Orr: The public hated you most of all [18:24] Kharne Spyker: They always have. [18:24] t3hh4x Orr: If GFTO wasn't set up, you'd still be in that position [18:24] Kharne Spyker: Nah [18:24] Shawn Hutchinson: Actually [18:24] t3hh4x Orr: As it is, you're the lesser of two evils [18:24] Kharne Spyker: It's still that way. [18:24] Kharne Spyker: The public, for the most part [18:24] t3hh4x Orr: Still need some PR, dude [18:25] t3hh4x Orr: Get rid of the imperialism, sheesh [18:25] Kharne Spyker: Is unconcerned with politics. [18:25] Kharne Spyker: As you can see, I have my civvy avatar. [18:25] Kharne Spyker: And for the past couple weeks [18:25] Kharne Spyker: I've been doing work on the public. [18:25] Kharne Spyker: Here's what I find [18:25] Brian30 Cortes is Offline [18:25] Kharne Spyker: People dislike big armies, which I knew. [18:25] Kharne Spyker: They go to the bases [18:25] Kharne Spyker: Get shot or whatever [18:25] Kharne Spyker: And their first impression is bad. [18:26] Kharne Spyker: It sticks with them. [18:26] Kharne Spyker: Rumors get out. [18:26] Kharne Spyker: There will always be those mishaps. [18:26] Kharne Spyker: There will always be those mistakes. [18:26] Kharne Spyker: And because of this [18:26] Kharne Spyker: There will always be haters. [18:26] t3hh4x Orr: No, it's your imperialism that the armies play on [18:26] t3hh4x Orr: -_- [18:26] Kharne Spyker: Which is funny. [18:26] Kharne Spyker: Because, by definition [18:26] Kharne Spyker: We aren't imperial at all. [18:26] Kharne Spyker: We have no colonies. [18:26] t3hh4x Orr: No, but you profess yourself to be [18:26] t3hh4x Orr: Also, the senate made us lul [18:26] Kharne Spyker: Boo hoo [18:27] t3hh4x Orr: When all the evidence came abotu that you rigged it all [18:27] Kharne Spyker: Oh? [18:28] t3hh4x Orr: If Exu got hacked [18:28] t3hh4x Orr: Work on Xantho [18:28] Velen Forager is Offline [18:28] t3hh4x Orr: If it turns out to be (in all probability) a lie [18:28] t3hh4x Orr: Your fault [18:29] Kharne Spyker: Aye [18:29] Kharne Spyker: It was a trick, that failed. [18:29] Kharne Spyker: They wanted me to take credit for it. [18:29] t3hh4x Orr is temted to contact exuvae [18:29] Kharne Spyker: So whatever [18:29] Kharne Spyker: Just leave them be. [18:29] t3hh4x Orr: kk [18:29] Zerowinged Vasiliev is Offline [18:29] t3hh4x Orr just passed a notecard of the ticket darckk sent when he got banned [18:30] Zerowinged Vasiliev is Online [18:30] t3hh4x Orr: Oh and [18:30] t3hh4x Orr: Side benefit of our current ops [18:30] Shadowski Pintens is Offline [18:30] t3hh4x Orr: Talon have to find us first [18:31] t3hh4x Orr: So we're pretty invincible right now, which will P8ss him off [18:31] t3hh4x Orr: Notas much as when we release the HUD [18:31] Renegade Shriner is Online [18:32] Exuvae Hykova gave you 14 - Talon Equiptment Permed.. [18:32] You: Ohsnap [18:32] You: Hm.. [18:32] You: Look what I was just sent. [18:32] Kharne Spyker accepted your inventory offer. [18:32] t3hh4x Orr: Tits? [18:33] Renegade Shriner is Offline [18:33] Renegade Shriner is Online [18:33] Shawn Hutchinson: god damn it masion -_-" [18:33] You: Hm. [18:33] Shawn Hutchinson: nothing [18:33] t3hh4x Orr: Check [18:33] Shawn Hutchinson: i thought you rezzed that [18:33] t3hh4x Orr: For [18:33] Shawn Hutchinson: >_> [18:33] Matthias Rivera is Offline [18:33] t3hh4x Orr: Script [18:33] Shawn Hutchinson: I havent lost for 2 months [18:33] Kharne Spyker: No scripts. [18:33] Shawn Hutchinson: >_> [18:33] t3hh4x Orr: Hai exu, by the way [18:34] Kharne Spyker: There isn't a listener. [18:34] Kharne Spyker: -_- [18:34] t3hh4x Orr: Always nice to be sure [18:34] t3hh4x Orr: lol [18:34] Kyle Antwerp is Online [18:34] You: Hm. [18:35] Kharne Spyker: I believe we've just been trolled. [18:35] t3hh4x Orr looks at Mason [18:35] t3hh4x Orr looks away and says nothing... [18:35] Cameron Aya is Offline [18:35] You: Well. [18:35] You: Guys. [18:35] t3hh4x Orr: Odd [18:35] You: Its been Fun. [18:35] t3hh4x Orr: Everything was timed [18:35] t3hh4x Orr: For the meeting [18:35] t3hh4x Orr: That was hours late [18:36] Kharne Spyker: Nah [18:36] t3hh4x Orr: Etc [18:36] Kharne Spyker: You give him too much credit. [18:36] Second Life: You have left the group 'Grid Factions Treaty Organisation.'. [18:36] t3hh4x Orr: Really? [18:36] You: You've lost the Game. [18:36] t3hh4x Orr: Or maybe i've been giving someone too much [18:36] t3hh4x Orr looks at Mason

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