Fredrick Borkotron

Fredrick Borkotron's Fox Avatar

Fredrick Borkotron joined Second Life on January 23, 2008, and he stopped actively participating in Second Life as of September 20th, 2011. During his stay in Second Life, Fredrick was notable for his development of the Photon Tool, the first multitool to provide a developer API for building touch screen applications, and the Metacloud online marketplace for TSL. These projects were part of a join business venture with Skaro Ghost. Sadly, these projects were only released a few weeks before the TSL grid merge was announced. This prompted his choice to retire from his business in Second Life.


Fredrick's avatar of choice is a nine tailed fox avatar, which was created by his friend Mars Moonites. He retains this avatar to the day as a homage to all of his old friends which he has fallen out of contact with.

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