Fredrick Borkotron

Fredrick Borkotron's Fox Avatar

Fredrick Borkotron joined Second Life on January 23, 2008 and has stopped actively playing the game as of September 20th, 2011. During his time in Second Life Fredrick was known as a man of science, knowledgable in many different fields. However Fredrick's main passion has always been for theoritical mathematics bordering on computer science. Fredrick gained attention for introducing the first multitool with an extensible developer api supporting a rich gui engine. He sold the tool for 4 weeks before becoming the TSL grid merge was announced, which effectively shattered his enthusiasm. He was also known for creating a clone of XStreetSL for use within TSL, however he shut this down after the grid merge not wanting to compete with an enemy which controlled the game itself.


When Fredrick first joined Second Life he met an individual named Mars Moonites, who was new to Second Life herself. She created the nine tailed fox avatar Fredrick uses to this day. Partially out of respect to his long lost friend, but mostly as he finds it more visually pleasing than any other avatar he's seen so far.

Real Life

In reality Fredrick spends his time studying the fields of nuclear physics, computer science, and biological engineering. His primary passion is math, especially lambda-calculus and type theory. Fredrick spends most of his time working on new publications, leaving little time for other pursuits. These publications aim to pursue his goal of creating true sentient life, and currently focus on the notion of re-examining how we express and abstract in math, computer science, and communication. His views for the last 4 years have been this will be best achieved through mechanical life forms, despite previously believing genetic engineering to be the way to go.


Fredrick is a rather anti social person, he said so himself! But based on the people he spends time near we've compiled a list of his most active friends.

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