One of the few original Mature regions.

Historical Landmarks

The Black Sun 
Oz Spade spent a large portion of his time in 2003 building The Black Sun in Freelon. Based on the club from the book Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, it featured many of the same things that could be found from the club in the book, except the crowds. In 2004 it was moved to Aleph and a month or so later it was deleted (due to project direction change).
Amazon's Dome 
Sometime in 2003 this large dome, which covered a large portion of the sim was hand built. The dome built from white glass and featured entrances somewhat hidden between hills. It was setup to be a "arena" and meeting place of sorts. Deleted sometime in 2004 and replaced with the current Amazon build.

Current Landmarks

Amazon Home 
Currently the home to the Amazons, a large and long running group. Featuring ruine type builds made out of stone and several statues.
Chip Midnight's Home and Shop 
Chip Midnight has been a long time resident of Freelon. House and shop both stand overlooking a small lake which Chip has kept care of.
Launa Fauna's Shop 
Launa's main shop now sits where The Black Sun formerly stood. The shops structure was built by Launa herself and features many different items for sale.
Thunder Electric's Shop 
A small shop with many free items setup by Thunder has remained in Freelon for over 2 years now.

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