GTMD (General Transportation Manufacturing Division)

GTMD or General Transportation Manufacturing Division made its start in 2005, founded, run, and developed by Adel Button (current name) from then to the present date. In the beginning GTMD had no name, and created things that were not to popular to the Second Life community. Later in 2009 (2/5/2009) Adel Button created his current account. Upon creation of this account he finally placed an identifiable name on his operations, ABD or Adel Button Designs. Later, realizing that ABD was not that professional of a name nor did it look professional, he changed the name to what it is now, GTMD (General Transportation Manufacturing Division). Under the GTMD name Adel Button has tried to branch out, leaning to the roots of what his creations have always been based around, catering to the Second Life role play community.

Current status

GTMD is still in operation, and is still run and owned by Adel Button. Its current main-store location is in the second life region Prototype along with the rest of the NTBI group.

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