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  • First Script Ever: Robin Linden kindly sent us a sample of one of the first scripts ever written, in the old LSL1 language.
  • Scripted Object: Newbie Corral Windchimes? Philip Linden?
  • Interpeted Language over LSL: Guzar Fonzarelli (BASIC Interpreter), January 2004(announced) Jarod Godel (LSLisp parser)(announced a week later)
  • Interpeted Language over Interpreted Language over LSL: Alondria LeFay (Logo over Forth over LSL)
  • Searchable Vending Machine: Jarod Godel (April 1 or 2, 2004)
  • Turing Machine: Jarod Godel
  • Sim-to-Sim Pathfinder Using a Parallel Terraced Scan: Huns Valen
  • Functioning Robots: Tcoz Bach (Canyon Droids, Vorago Patrol Droids, Vorago Droids)
  • Central Management: Tcoz Bach (City Management Computer)
  • Breakable Window: Tcoz Bach
  • First Person to charge for newbie scripting classes: Tcoz Bach
  • Realistic Fireworks: Nick Fairlight
  • Scriptable Fish In Aquarium: Bel Muse
  • Interactive Pet That Learned Tricks and Followed Owner: D&D Dogs (Driftwood Nomad and Darrly Chang)
  • IRC To SL Chat Two-Way Relay: Hank Ramos
  • Town Hall conference multiplexors: Huns Valen & Pete Fats
  • wide-area multicast conferencing system: Ouranos (Atlas underwater station) (?)
  • programmable, synchronized dance sequence machine for multiple avatars: Kris Ritter
  • 1-prim dance machine: Kris Ritter
  • commercially available 1-prim dance machine: CrystalShard Foo
  • Stone Skipped In SL: Rickard Roentgen was the first person to skip a stone in SL. The stones are in a bucket on the dock at the Fire Island Lighthouse in Sami. Part of the coolness is due to the water which splashes and ripples, but Rickard may not be the first to create such a water effect.
  • "Swarm" algorithm ported to LSL: Apotheus Silverman
  • "Depth-first" maze generation algorithm ported to LSL: Apotheus Silverman
  • 3D Model Importer (Wavefront OBJ format): Jeffrey Gomez
  • Widely Used Text Display: XyText - Xylor Baysklef - Diplays defined text on prims via script.
  • Clock displaying hour, minute, and AM/PM on a single prim: Xylor Baysklef (1-Prim Clock, predecessor to XyText)
  • entirely LSL-based distributed vendor system that uses encrypted data streams between clients and server: Kyrah Abattoir
  • Money Tree: Sapphire Bombay
  • Thermometer: Cid Jacobs. First working and accurate thermometer using length sun has been out per day, season of the SL year, and altitude.
  • Barometer: Cid Jacobs. First working and accurate barometer sensitive to altitude.
  • automatic terraforming robot: Kyrah Abattoir
  • real-world tilt sensor on a laptop to scripted movement of an SL bucking bronco: Algernon Spackler Yossarian Seattle (Eightbar)
  • Real world tennis trajectory data feed into to full size SL tennis court: epredator Potato (eightbar)
  • SL to Phone SMS message via public SMS gateway, object listening to owner passing message on epredator potato (eightbar)
  • Notary system: Nota Bene, using digital signatures for certifying notecards, created by Zarf Vantongerloo. forum announcement
  • Animated object with hierarchically-jointed elements: Jesrad Seraph
  • Implementation of Networking: Interfect Sonic's Network Nodes
  • Bluetooth Clone: Interfect Sonic's Object Interaction Protocol
  • Touch-screen based computer: Esperantist Moisant - HUD based Touch-screen computer with interpreted language over LSL.

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