Gentek Technologies (a.k.a. Gentek) is a virtual corporation that sells firearms training equipment, virtual public safety equipment (such as police/fire tools and emergency vehicle equipment), and assorted roleplay tools for the Second Life community. Gentek Technologies is also the producer of the grid's #1 best-selling telephone network. Gentek also sells various other products, such as the IntelliDoor, which are not part of a specific category. It was founded by Nelson Jenkins on November 25, 2005.

Company history

  • November 2005: Company founded under the name "Effective Emergency Equipment"
  • December 2005: Began work in indoor/outdoor warning industry
  • August 2006: Developed first-ever emergency vehicle lightbar attachment
  • November 2006: Name changed to "Second Signal Industries"
  • August 2007: Name changed to "Integrated Alert Technologies"
  • December 2007: Name changed to "Gentek Technologies"
  • February 2009: Domain name and full website purchased
  • April 2009: Partnered with NTBI for emergency vehicle products
  • July 2009: Began work in the telecommunications industry
  • March 2010: Donated US$1,419.00 to the Snow Leopard Trust
  • October 2010: Began to compete in the firearms training industry

Current status

Gentek Technologies is alive and well. A list of all official stores is available on their website.

Gentek Technologies' slogan is "Innovation is our passion." Previous slogans include "Solutions for your community." and "Keeping your heroes safe."

External links

Gentek Technologies website

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