The following describes the terms used in the geography section and the qualifications thereof.

A major landmass. In addition to the Linden continents, the term can apply to a group of five or more island sims that are arranged as a physically or logically distinct landmass. Continents should, first and foremost, look like they fit the name. In particular, continents may be large groupings separated by Void Sims but not checkerboards of individual sims separated by The Void. They should allow travel from any sim in the group to any other sim without teleporting or leaving the continent (at least in theory).

(Note: Due to the likelihood of the "checkerboard style" getting out of hand and perverting the point of defining things as continents, I am applying the logic that if the land owner doesn't think that it's important to make their land look like a reasonably coherent landmass rather than a bunch of scattered islands, then I see no reason why it should qualify as one. The main exception is the d'Alliez Islands, which is grandfathered in by virtue of age and prominent location. --Dyne)

Linden Lab often uses "region" as a synonym for "sim". However, that is not the usage intended here. Region articles describe geographical areas, which do not necessarily have a precise border, such as the snow sims, the color sims, or the "lost lakes" area. Many regions are based on Linden Lab's practice of adding sims in thematic "groups".
Like a continent, only composed of two to four sims.

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