GLA (Global Liberation Army)

The Global Liberation Army or the G.L.A is a military group founded by PvtJohn Miles and is currently in production.


The GLA was founded on early September 2007 by PvtJohn Miles. PvtJohn Miles founded the GLA after being in 2142, in the rank of a Sergeant Silver. He wanted to make an army and watch it grow, only to see it grow, THEN fall. He has wanted the GLA to be allied with the 2142, but James Benedek declined. He was basing it off from the GLA from the game released by EA, Command and Conquer Generals. Since the GLA was too "poor" in the game, he began basing it off from Battlefield 2142, as the Pan Asian Coalition. He has only made one subgroup of it, the Global Liberation SpecOps Corps, or the GLSC. Everyone who joined hated Alliance Navy so the GLA began attacking the AN. More subgroups will come out when there are more people. In Development:

Uniform: 100.00% Done

Weapons: 40.00% Done

Vehicles: 1.00% Done

GLA's Corps and Divisions

  • GLA: Global Liberation Army: The main group and the infantry.
  • GLSC: Global Liberation SpecOps Corps: The Special Operators of the GLA.
  • GLF: Global Liberation Fleet*: The ships and the fleet of the GLA.
  • GLAC: Global Liberation Air Corps*: The men and women who fly airborne vehicles, providing close air support.
  • GLE: Global Liberation Engineering*: The men and women who work hard, scripting the vehicles and weapons used by the GLA Forces.
  • *= The group has not been made, due to insufficient funds.

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