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Gltchez Skytower was a Teen Second Life resident builder, scripter, and CEO. As of January 2010, he has become inactive. He founded and co-founded several SL companies, which have all been disbanded months after their creation.

Company History

Gltchez Skytower first started the company GlitchTEC a few months after he was "born" in Second Life. He taught himself scripting and building before starting his company. He rented a 1024x1024 land plot in Eden as his main store, soon after he met SL player Trayu Aeon who slowly rose the corporate charts until he became co-founder. A few months later, as internal power struggles brought the company down, Gltchez Skytower and Trayu Aeon decided to start another company known as Aeon Industries. The MailTech, a product migrated from GlitchTEC, was revamped and sold as another product.

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