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The God menu is a Second Life UI element and a special menu (like the debug menu) that usually only appears for Lindens but has since been hacked to allow anyone to view it and enable some client-side only options.

  • Render >
  • Set Region >
    • Dump
  • Character >
    • Go Away/AFK When Idle
    • Appearance To XML
    • Toggle Character Geometry
    • Test Male - changes avatar to default male (copying it from the "Library" inventory to the resident's inventory)
    • Test Female - changes avatar to default female as above
    • Toggle PG
    • Allow Select Avatar - Select the current resident's avatar and move it (rotate and scale tools also work but don't do anything); avatar blips back to original position on move/chat.
  • Network >
  • Recorder >
  • Havok >
    • Havok Info

  • Upload Data File...
  • Compress Image...
  • Reload setting overrides

  • LLError And Crash - crashes SL

  • Leave God Mode

God Tools Window


SL 1.10 God Tools window - Grid tab


SL 1.10 God Tools window - Options tab


SL 1.10 God Tools window - Region tab


SL 1.10 God Tools window - Request tab

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