GoonSquad Orgins

GoonSquad is a group of griefers that's a branch of the Patriotic Nigras. The group was started by Patriotic Nigras Leader Ap0110. GoonSquad was founded December 2012. GoonSquad are known for terrorizing the mainland with large rezzing prims and massive spam. Several reports were made about the massive attacks by GoonSquad Members as reported on SL Universe . Their actions have caught the attention of Linden Lab as discussed in this Transcript.


We don't know much about GoonSquad members at this point. They are very secretive and they have never been breached. The gang runs a lucrative website that shares everything from second life merchandise to software and music.


The leader of GoonSquad is Ap0110, he is also the leader of the parent group Patriotic Nigras. Under the leadership of Ap0110 GoonSquad has become a major nuisance to Second Life players.

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