THe H-23 Army was created by Thorik Dagostino and Latino Fride. THe group was orignally called xxxripxenforcersxxx, but wa then changed by thorik to H-23. Thorik created the h-23 army, and named himself general. He apparently made Fride general, but then made him Field Marshal.

Marine Division

The division was run and created by Latino Fride. Thier weapons consisted of a sub machine uzi, an assualt rifle and a shotgun. Latino and Thorik later thought that uniform shuld be made, so Thorik along with then Marshal Menace Tammas, created armour for the group. Marshal/general was black and Enlisted/S-Enlisted was dark green. Each had a built in grav pack added to the belt.

Tactical Air Division

Thorik was the Creater and head of the TA division, and he alon with wisdom streeter made a fighter jet for the division. The jet was black, and was a one seater, it fired no weapons at the time, because wisdom was inactive for a while.


H-23 attacked Grid Army for a while, and apparently according to Fride, Grid Army are a great army, and I respect Pauleh, Haskell and Jewels, but I I thought of it as a bit of fun.

Menace Tammas

Menace Tammas was the provider of H-23 land for a while, and help create the H-23 armour. Thorik made him Marshal, bu when thorik logged off, he made himself general. Thorik then finding out, kicked him from H-23. Menace was asking Thorik and Latino to rejoin H-23, but he never did.

The Leaving of Thorik

H-23 General Thorik Dagostino later left H-23, For unknown reasons

The leaving of Latino

It was a shock that thorik left, but everyone was suprised when Latino said he was leaving. When some h-23 members asked im why he left, he quotedIt was a good army, but thing got out of hand, Thorik left me with a lot of weight on my shoulders, Sorting out divisions etc.

Jos Cioc

Latino left h-23 to Jos Cioc, the current head, who is looking for a new co owner of H-23. Latino left chrexj Enzo to the marine division, and the rest was jos.

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