Founder and Master Ranger for the SL Parks and Recreation Service, Higbee is probably best known for his work creating photo-realistic plants and GreenSpaces throughout SL. Having joined SL shortly after it went live, he has been in and out of the world over the last couple of years; working secretly on his project, Kumori, and trying to maintain and upgrade the SLPRS Registry.

Though most of Higbee's other creations are no longer on the SL market, he continues to create new plants, a line of Ent avatars and still offers the ever-popular Pattywagon for just 1L$. The business name fore Higbee's creations is GPro Design.

Higbee now donates 90% of his SL earnings and time to the preservation and expansion of the SL Parks and Recreation Service.

Higbee's GreenSpaces

Over the years, Higbee has created several GreenSpaces. The one currently in existence are:

The ones no longer in existence are:

  • Kumori - A private estate that was intented to be an environmental adventure sim.
  • Amaterasu - A private estate that was his home and playground.
  • Indigo Mountain - Originally located in the sim of Indigo, it was originally the tallest mountain in SecondLife.
  • Phantasie Isle - Originally located in sim of Magenta, this was a tropical beach and park land.
  • The Smoky Mountain Preserve - Originally located in the sim of Zoe, this was a large temperate climate park.
  • Protagonist Park - Originally located in the sim of Rose, this was a small metro park mainly for use of the nearby apartment residents.

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