The SL Riding Club is a non-profit equestrian events and activities organization which conducts virtual horse shows, rodeos, trail rides, mounted colorguards and more. The SL Riding Club & Equestrian Network was founded in 2006 by avatar Cindy Bolero. Other founding members were LadyArtista Labrada and Delphina Audina. Cindy Bolero's real life equestrian background spans 30 years of riding, showing, training, show management, club management, 4-H Leader, horse/cattle ranch management, trail guiding, and clinician.

The SL Riding Club's volunteer staff are best known for guiding adventurous trail rides, and for introducing the international sport of gymkhana and mounted games to avatars. Cindy Bolero and the SL Riding Club volunteer staff and sponsors also develop and provide several multi-sim equestrian communities with expansive ranches and trails.

Many people in real life have never had a chance to ride, own, or compete on a horse. The SL Riding Club provides the virtual opportunity for avatars who love horses and want to engage in equestrian or rural lifestyle. The SLRC Equestrian Center [1] hosts a small mall with horse sales, riding clothes, prefab barns, and beautiful equestrian homesites when available. Other facilities at the site include show jumping arenas, cross country jumping trail, barrel racing, bull riding, pole bending, and concert stage. One can head out in any direction from the grounds to miles of trails. Trail maps are available at the sites.

Volunteers are welcome to join the SL Riding Club staff, whether one has real life horse experience or not.

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