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Here's how you too can be a part of the celebration!

{C 1) Provide content!

The Bethel & Brilliant sims will be our home for the art showcase. If you have sculptures, paintings, or other artwork you'd like to exhibit, you have to be available for setup during June 17th-21st. If you cannot log in at that time and would still like to be included, please contact Amalthea Blanc to work out a way to have your items set up for you.

2) Help script the interactive features!

We're looking for a few good LSL scripters to help code some of the space manipulations we have in mind or come up with your own interesting ideas.

Some examples include (but are not limited to):

-- building and scripting a scale/balance that exists in constant movement, rising and lowering its right and left side (which hold two different art pieces) {C -- building and scripting one of Dali's signature melted clocks to throw clock bits or other random objects upon being touched -- build one of the signature Dali elephants (maybe with wings + some other interactive type features upon Touch) -- design, create and script new art showcasing tools: perhaps a wire/wood setup that morphs into another conformation upon Touch to reveal other paintings

3) If you create machinima or are involved in live music, we need you!

For machinima, we're looking for meaningful pieces on SL, preferably in a format that we can stream inworld. For live music, if you cannot insure a few streaming mp3s for the showcase, we'd like to at least document your presence in SL through images and information givers.

There are a lot more opportunities to get involved with the landscaping and creating novel art showcasing structures. All groups and individuals interested in participating in this effort are welcome! Hope to hear from you soon. :)

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