Hua Yifu is a combatant, weapon builder and architect of the Second Life Main Grid. His account was created shortly after his first account, Avtoamt Lawl, was permanently banned. He is formerly a corporal of the Merczateers and an officer of the Remnant Imperium. Yifu now spends his time as a freelancing builder while employing an epicurean lifestyle.


In early 2007, Hua Yifu first entered Second Life through the account Avtomat Lawl. Not long after, he acquired many griefer weapons and started roaming and attacking sandboxes. Soon, he was recruited into the Republic of Germany by one of its soldiers. There, he gained some basic knowledge about combat. However, as several months passed, the Republic of Germany disbanded as its commander, Tristan Mineff was banned from Second Life. Soon, he enlisted in the Russian Federation. During his time there, he built and scripted many primitive weapons for the faction. Luke Dwi, a former member of the Russian Federation, invited Yifu to his group, the Alpha Marines. Dwi asked him to supply it with his military hardware as well.

In May 2007, Yifu's first account, Avtomat Lawl, was permanently banned from Second Life as a result of a minor griefing incident.

Early Life

As Avtomat Lawl restarted his Second Life career on a new account, Hua Yifu, he immediately contacted Jared Sobocinski, the leader of the Russian Federation to enlist again. He continued to create and supply firearms to the group. As Yifu became less dependent on the faction, a conflict with Sobocinski soon caused him to defect from the faction. He became more involved in the Alpha Marines during the following months. At that time, Yifu also founded Lancaster Armory, a weapon store that sold some of his early creations.

As the summer of 2008 approached, the Alpha Marines eventually became less active. Yifu was recruited into the Merczateer Tactical Forces, but he was soon ejected due to his status as a member of the Alpha Marines. KCGANGSTA Rovio, a former high-ranking officer of the Republic of Germany offered him a position as an engineer in his newly-founded faction, Dark Army Empires. He accepted the rank, and proliferated the organization's weapons and bases of operations. During the fall of the same year, members of the D.A.E. grew weary of Rovio's poor leadership, and eventually launched a revolt. As a result, most members of the faction had chosen to leave. This marked the beginning of Yifu's main career as a Merczateer.

Soon after the collapse of the DAE, he was once again accepted into the ranks of the Merczateers. Before long, he was invited into the Research and Design division after high-ranking members of the faction such as Anthony Lehane saw examples of weapons that he had built.

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