ICore Forces is a fairly new military that has been added to the combat community of Second Life. Created and currently lead by Arvid Sittingbull. It is quickly approaching the status of one of the most well developed military on the Grid.

Command Staff'

The current command staff is listed below

High Command

Arvid Sittingbull - General, Current 1IC

Seriph Easterwood - Colonal, Current 2IC

Aviation Command

Markulio Frimon - Major, Current CO

Blayne Bluebird - Lieutenant, Current XO

Infantry Command

Divinesamuri Dagger - Major, Current CO

-Empty Position- No Current XO



Infantry is ICore's main ground-based division. Infantry is currently lead by Divinesamuri Dagger, there currently is no Executive Officer. The weapons and vehicles used by Infantry are listed below.


Aviation is ICore's main air-based division. In addition to using aircraft to rule the air, they also have their own ground troops as well. These are mainly elite forces who use drop-ships as their transport. Aviation is currently lead by Markulio Frimon, his Executive Officer is Blayne Bluebird. The weapons and vehicles used by Aviation are listed below.


Intel is ICore's development division. They focus mainly on developing new weapons and equipment. They also monitor most of ICore's diplomatic activity including raids, allies, friends, etc.


The Start

ICore Forces starts after Arvid Sittingbull and Guias Hammond leave Chthonic Syndicate. They decide to make a new, super awesome military. With help from other ex-members of CS, they start working.

Base Building

ICore Forces early base builder Metalicoe Keng speant many long hours working on the early base builds for ICore. During the time ICore started to the time they first opened, ICore had gone through multiple designs. Finally picking one they like. ICore settles down in Altair with their first official base. A large complex island fortress based roughly from the Halo series. After keeping this base for a couple of months, ICore starts work on a new base. With a new backstory and a new builder, Cloie Grun, ICore begins building one of the most amazing structures in SL. According to the backstory, built hundreds of feet below Russia in an active volcano, this fortress takes advantage of the low prim level in Altair. Currently unopened, it is scheduled for its grand openening sometime in November, 2011.

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