Imperium Weapons and Gadgets was a business that funded the military group known as Remnant Imperium. After the Remnant Imperium (Also Known As: Remnant Initiative) decided to disband, The Imperium then began to fund the group The Echelon Union and still does to this day. It was founded by Roo Tenk and Hua Yifu in Late 2007. It provides a wide range of weapons and gear that is reconcilable to combat. They feature low lag, highly reputable scripts and models that can be used in combat or for recreation. The concept is not to enthuse you by the amount of various bullets consisted in a gun; but to provide instant gratification in combat with these products. Custom models, textures, and scripts are always used.

Please Join Imperium Weapons and Gadgets group in-game on SecondLife if you would like updated vendors, price drops and new products. It is open-enrollment, and free to join!

RooView Vendor Systems/Updated Often.

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