Imphazar Gears is the Real Life brother of Trazen Vendetta, and is the current Kommandant (Owner/leader) of the Hyperius Tactical Korps. Gears originally began playing Second Life on a 2005 avatar named Axel Dwi, though when his brother was banned he decided to create the Gears avatar, and with some persuasion from Trazen, he took the leading role as head of Hyperius. Though the military was in a state of crisis when Gears became the Kommandant, since he arrived much has changed- for the better; Rank structure is far clearer, and public relations are now a joy, apposed to the cringing pile of angry paperwork from the Vendetta Era. On gaining his position of power, Gears founded Hyperius Incorporated, a way of gaining income for the Military side of things. He put together a team of ex-Hyperius R&D* members, along with putting his own building skills to use as a group of military building contractors. Gears is also a founder of the Fallen Angel Alliance, a group similar to the Iron Symphony, used for communication between the three allied groups, the Alpha Marines (AM), Hyperius, and 2142 Armed Forces. It is expected that the three militaries may become superpowers within the next few years.

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