The Iron Eagle Navy Crest


1st Commodant Donat. Leader of the Iron Eagle Navy. Full name Raymond Donat

"Through the eyes of a leader, freedom and victory prevails. Through the eyes of the candidate to the leader, only success leads to victory. Through both leader and candidate, freedom becomes apparent." - Unknown

Iron Eagle Navy, a combat force in Second Life.

Lead by Raymond Donat. With an alliance within the Iron Symphony, Iron Eagle Navy is a fast growing Military Group.

The leadership of Raymond Donat and the rest of the ARCs pushes IEN into new challenges. With many veterans of the Second Life Grid joining, it is valid that if pushed in the right direction that everything will fall in place and hence, IEN will become a new strong power within the Grid.


The Iron Eagle Navy began in June 2007 by a small group of military enthusiasts. The group, founded by Tyrenius Munro, Raymond Donat, and Siddhartha Ramaty, quickly excelled in the foundations of building a military group. The founding fathers based the original group out of a small parcel in the sim Citrago, naming the base "Camp Eagle's Crest." Serving as a key base of operations, they quickly advanced in the keys to a successful group by making a structural system with integrated ranks and two divisions.

By mid-summer, 2007, they had already recruited many members and were actively participating in skirmishes with other groups around the grid. As they grew, they realized that they must move on to a larger base, and went to purchasing a sim- Calm Fluttering. After serving for nearly 7 months at the base, the group briefly disbanded and reformed under the command of Raymond Donat, and was renamed the Iron Eagle Armed Forces. Surviving only a few weeks, the group was disbanded and I.E.N. went quiet for nearly two months. After long talks, General Munro and General Donat re-instated as Admirals and brought the old group back to life under it's original foundation and serving again in the sim they had previously.

After another few months and the dissapearance of Admiral Munro, the group went into the shadows for a time, preparing, waiting, and planning for a comeback. They are preparing new technology, new training methods, and new skills for the battlefield.

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