Isabel was brought onto the grid on October 02, 2004, as part of a batch of 41 new sims. On October 06, 2004, a telehub was placed in the sim, raising interest in the land surrounding this feature.

Isabel features coastal land on two sides. In addition, there is a small, aged moutain range beginning in the middle of the sim and progressing north through neighboring sims. Small, jagged hills punctuate the landscape in a few spots. The vegetation is primarily low, leafy trees.

Current Landmarks

The Shelter was relocated to Northern Isabel on December 1, 2004 from Fudo to escape lag issues in the older sims.

With the introduction of the telehub, commercial interest in Isabel rose. Anchored by a large mall owned by Blue Burke, with a few smaller strip-mall establishments and individual shops scattered throughout the sim. By January 2005, the sim had become predominantly commercial.

When Telehubs were abolished in late 2005, much of the land in Isabel came up for sale, most of which was purchased by the Shelter group, or reclaimed by Governor Linden. Former commercial land was reverted to trees & open spaces once it came under Shelter ownership.

In 2005, Shelter group put a team of residents together (Mera Pixel & FireEyes Fauna) to build the Isabel Infohub with new-residents in mind. Like all infohubs, its a spot that new residents can opt to land upon entering the mainland, and/or set as a home teleport point.



The sim in its early condition

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