The Legend

Ishy Wingtips is a teen on the younger scale of TSL which she joined in 2008, and began her business with a meager 10 L a few months later creating textures. Eventually she started building and managing various groups, including taking on the leadership position of the formerly huge and popular group [EK] (originally owned by SkyeFyreStorm Tigerpaw), and opened her store Sobriquet in Eden shortly after the sim was refurbished by Eutopia Estate. Sobriquet originally sold builds, textures, and many other creations, but after several months Ishy decided to focus on clothing creation to heighten the quality. Over the next year, Sobriquet became prominently successful, and eventually moved to a TP location in Eutopia.
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Ishy wearing her own design, 2010

Aside from being a content creator, Ishy also managed Eutopia Estate as an Estate Manager, working primarily to combat content theft. As someone attempting to slow the surges of copybotted content into the TG, Ishy learned a lot about content theft and tried to make herself heard both on the forums, Plurk, and Flickr, uploading snapshots of proof and contacting Main Grid designers through email or a transferred friend. In September of 2010, Ishy took over 100 snapshots of stolen hair from main grid and identified the majority, then wrote up notices and had her transferred friend Lumina Luckless pass on the proof to the original designers.

Ishy has displayed a neutral opinion towards the grid merge, looking forward to the creative opportunities of Main Grid. She has acknowledged the troubling legal implications that come with minors on MG, but has shown more concern on the blogs about the attitudes about the merge from both adults and teens. She hopes to expand her business on maingrid.

Notable Accomplishments

-Founder and Owner of Gaearmonia.
-Founder and Owner of Sobriquet, and one of the top designers of the Teen Grid.
-"Owner" of Eros Veritas.
-Estate Manager for the Eutopia Estate.
More importantly, Ishy continues to be one of the few resident's who has chosen not to drown in our grid's apathy. Through her proactivism with copybotting and her willingness to represent the TG to adults over flickr and the forums, she stands as a clear leader.

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