Your average, ordinary, basic Second Life user who tries their hand at everything and comes across quite mediocre.


Ivy was a mentor at Avatar Island to noobies for several months, while also getting into clothing development, launching a line of shirts for her original store, the Ivy Patch.

She was invited by a friend to the roleplay sim the Crack Den, where she acted as a bartender for Lou's Bar and a petty criminal. It was here she began designing grunge urban clothing for SL, and created her line, Unimpressive Fashions, opening her store for business in February of 2008 in a sim that was part of the estate of the Crack Den.

In March of 2008, an angry cop came into her bar. She didn't know it then, but that man was an alt of Bruno Ziskey, founder and leader of Sparta. She worked with Sparta for a little over a year before departing.


At this time, Ivy Contepomi's profile notes that the account has been abandoned and that she is no longer a part of Sparta.

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