Librarian of Caledon

Profile, October 2007

Name: JJ Drinkwater

Abode: Book End Cottage, Book End, Caledon Highlands

Aetheric Locale:

Age: 15 months...that's about 37 years, Second Life time

RezDay: 6/24/2006

Profession: Librarian, Metadata Nuisance, Administrateur malgre lui

Hobby: Pestering talented people.

Last Book Read: Prolegomena to Library Classification by Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan

Latest Accomplishment: Expanded the Caledon Library from a single location to a system with 4 branches

Why I Do What I Do: We're at a point in our world's history where intellectual generosity counts many times more than it will later, when this (or some MUVE) is fully realized.

Quote: "I should rather be the Librarian of Caledon than the the Wizard of Oz, Prester John,and the Emperor of the Moon rolled into one"

Whisky: Loch Avie Uisge Beatha

Titles and epithets: Director of the Caledon Libraries, Factotum General for the Librarium in Abitibi. High Seneschal of the House of Wu. Knight Commander of the Library Militant. Order of the Nightingale (L'ordre du Rossignol), Order of the Lapin d'Argent. Order of the Lapin d'Or #1. Hey Metadata Boy.

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