Long before many outside the community saw the potential of SL as a tool for social change & nonprofit fund raising, Jade Lily did. (Also among the first to leverage Second Life for charitable causes were Bhodi Silverman & ReallyRick Metropolitain.) In 2004, the petite brunette took pains to create a donation system for residents to sponsor Jade's real-life running team for the American Cancer Society's annual Relay for Life. She was unable to get the venerable nonprofit's support for that year, butshe did so in 2005, working with an A.C.S. staffer who eventually joined Second Life as RC Mars. The inagural SL version of the Relay raised over US$5,000. In 2006, with Jade overseeing dozens of volunteers, Second Life's Relay For Life became a race track traversing several dozen acres, created to resemble the real world. That combined with numerous parties, auctions, & Jade's tireless efforts led the 2006 Relay to raise over US$40,000 in the war against cancer. Now, of course, the value of SL as a tool for making the real world a better place is unquestioned, & a number of respected nonprofits, including, Creative Commons, & the Omidyar Network, have created aspace in Second Life, such as Better World Island. Credit for this belongs just as much to Jade Lily as it does to Linden Lab. And it is Jade who deserves the greatest credit for proving to the SL community that it was, indeed, a genuine community, able to come together for a common purpose & do great things.

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