Jillian Callahan


Jillian standing in front of one of Mary Edison's helicopter builds.

A scripter of aircraft with a preference for helicopters.

Jill started in SL in July of 2004, looking to play in a real "virtual place" like she'd read about so many times as a girl. After mashing many a prim together and dropping the "newbie textures" onto the results, Jill decided to have a look at scripting, always having been curious about programming. After taking apart the Linden hover-board and modifying it to fly more like her preferred vehicle (a helicopter) she was hooked.

An Aspie

Jillian is an Aspie, like Tateru Nino and Torley Linden, someone who has Asperger's Syndrome. This often results in her confusing or alienating people unintentionally. It also often results in her believing she has confused, angered or alienated folks when she has not.

Phase 5

Jillian founded the business "Phase 5 Creations" early on, selling whatever of her creations seemed worth trying to sell as she learned how to use the SL build tools and LSL. The business didn't net a great deal of L$ until the first Jillicopter helicopter kit, which also gave her some direction to take with the business. Phase 5 became a cooperative in February 2005, with Memir Quinn, Mary Edison and Jillian at it's core, with such talented folks as Reyo Neutra, Avena Marshall and Salen Walesa involved with projects and aircraft sales.

Abbotts Aerodrome

In 2005 Jillian was approached to help Cubey Terra transition into retirement by taking a role at the Aerodrome as a Commander. She accepted with gusto, but found that actually executing the position was more difficult than she'd expected (due entirely to her poor social skills). Fortunately Cubey was unable to stay retired for very long, and Jillian has been trying to find ways to be useful at the Aerodrome since.

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