Early SL Life

Jimbo March started as a ninja in the goup of Village Hidden in the snow. Where he met Gate Smalls, which would be a close friend for years. As Jimbo joined more groups, he grew bored of his "ninja life" and so had Gate. Together they went off and made a group called Furry Sation Crew. The Furry Sation Crew lasted for quite a while, and with Gates helping, Jimbo learned alot. especially in marketing. With the pressure that Gate put on him, Jimbo learned alot and started observing larger, more complex groups.


Jimbo ended up joining rome and lost alot of freinds for joining it as well. After he joined he learned who his real freinds are. But he learned alot from rome and he enjoyed it quite a bit and would not have left if it had not been for a few key people. One main person was Cloud Koba who Jimbo refered to as a retarded ostrich with his head in the ground. On leaving Rome Jimbo joined alot of diferent groups rising to the top of there ranks in a matter of weeks or monthes but none of those groups pleased him. He ended up finding Constanzo Barbosa who had just made a army which had five people in it from mass invites. Jimbo decided he would make the TRM or Teen Resistance Movement which was constanzos group big. And he did succede helping the group obtain more than 4,000 square meters of land in less then a month. Also helping them gain many members. But Jimbos computer ended up breaking for a time of three weeks. He was angry to come back to rubbles. But he did not quit he stayed with this group for monthes but also working on other groups in the back ground. Jimbo ended up getting tired of not being the owner of the groups he was in. He said he was tired of all his hard work being worth nothing when the owner makes a mistake or dum decision. He ended up guitting for three months.


Jimbo ended up coming back and joining Fenix Hudsons Group Iron Fist as second in comand. This lasted for a few monthes till he ended up quitting and joining a enemy Group Underground White Talons or [UG][WT] as third in comand. He also has just started his own army Called Superste Union or SU. He has partnered with HRH Witimer Wycliffe to develop the Superste Union. Superste Union now has 30,000 square meters of land in Bull. It has also started making its armor and has 2 guns finished. It is now recruiting.

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