Jimi Ochs was created on November 11th, 2006. Not long after did he join the military group New Rome. From there he proved himself as an asset to the military world, and rapidly climbed the ranking ladder into a High General position (Tribunus). Jimi Ochs continued his career in New Rome, and began to learn the world of scripting and LSL. Despite leaving New Rome to go to Sparta, he later rejoined New Rome, and again regained his rank. By this time, he was regarded by some a proficient scripter and scripted the majority of Rome's weapons, as well as other various items. Noteable Roman weapons that Jimi scripted include the Terminus Armor, the Obsidius Assault Rifle, and the Obex Portable. During his second trip in New Rome, he met Futurama Carpool whom he founded a business with; [FC] Weapons and Apparel. The duo created weapons and other wares together. As time progressed, he was promoted to Legatus as Kharne Spyker was transferred to the Main Grid. This venture was short lived though, when Nick gave the order for the tier to be removed from the group, and the land quickly taken by Guy Linden. Jimi Ochs then focused his time on [FC] and released a multitude of products. As time progressed, he made the decision to join the ranks of ASR, and entered as a Lieutenant. Jim Ochs created a rank system, a substitute currency system to L$, and scripted both the Redux Armor and DC-15 Standard Issue assault rifle. Both of which worked in co-operation with the rank and currency system. The DC-15 also allowed for a numerous ammount of mods to be added and changed on the gun affecting the gun's stats. He then skipped ranks up to the rank of Commander, and is the only Commander in ASR to this day. Some argue as wether he did this to progress rome's interests, develope diplomatic and political stature or to regress after the failure in NR.

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