Jin Amos is reknown for bringing serious military conduct and founding the concept of SL warfare on the Teen Grid. While the first army in existence was not made by him, he is credited with the first empire and the first group of actual combatant ability. There are mixed opinions regarding his term in power. Some think of his campaign as the greatest mark in military history and others think of it as a massive act of terrorism.


Originally he started a group known as "The Rebel Army" and had to constantly remind people this was not a star wars reference, which was very popular at the time.

From there he merged his rebel army with a gang known as The Diablos and The Second Life Army. This was how the infamous Black Fire Army was founded.

During this time he also ran a club with a friend (name lost). This was a small side venture of his that has diminished his military outlook.

After a campaign that resulted in absolute domination of the grid, in which landowning civilians were made to pay him taxes of their weekly income, he moved on to an experiment known as the SIN empire. Within weeks he gave up on this experiment and retired.

He spent his retired time with Darkhaven, a leader of another army, and did very little. He came out of retirement in an attempt to bring back Black Fire. This venture failed and it is known he attempted suicide around this time.

Conquerer or Terrorist?

Jin Amos was known for being the first and only person in SL history to completely take over the grid. His domination was so complete that every land owner was forced to pay him taxes or a tribute every week, this was his income source.

It is debated if this was his conquest of the world by his military strategy and power, or an act of terrorism against the Sl community. It is known that he has gotten away with threatening a Linden with his army and won. The threat is known to have been called "Operation Armageddon", in which if triggered Jin's army was to mercilessly attack everything everywhere. The army was too big to deny him his small wish (to avoid a suspension for open warfare outside of combat zones).

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