Jinny Fonzarelli is a Londoner who joined Second Life in March 2004 (v1.2), and not long after that founded the Thinkers, the first philosophy/discussion group in Second Life. The group is still active and growing although Jinny herself is semi-retired. She periodically re-emerges from the depths of alt-dom to host short runs of Monday night discussions at her club, Baker Street Station, just to remind people that she aint dead.

Jinny's main activities in Second Life have been linked to philosophy (the Thinkers), quiz hosting (including Strip Trivia, now in its fourth year) and fashion design (Jezebel's).

Her most notable SL achievement was organising the first 24-hour fundraising event for the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami relief efforts, which raised over US$1000. Other residents who participated in organizing this effort included Gwyneth Llewelyn and Willow Caldera.

Her current identities are Jezebel Yaffle (her fashion brand) and Zoe Bowie (manager of the Baker Street club).

Jinny is not at all famous or particularly noteworthy, but it is a shame to have a link that goes nowhere.

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