Currently A K-3 Generalleutnant and Valued Member In Vanguard's Military. Johney joined Vanguard Jan/Feb of 2008. Johney Giano currently conducts: Training and orientation of Enlisted and NCO's, Recruitment, Raid Leading, and assistance with training material, applications, handbook, and general documentation. Johney Giano continues to shows extreme dedication and loyalty, over the years in Vanguard. K-3 Giano has never had a violation in his 50+ months of service, and holds over 30 Merits/Medals for his superb combat and mediating skills. He is known and repected by the Military community. He is also in high Kommand of; Onslaught, 107th Armada, The Officer Academy, Krieghabicht, Militarpolizei, Intelligenzzweig, Zentrale and Infrastruktur.

"Tod den Feinden der Vorhut"

Johney Giano Currently Lives On Long Island, New York.

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