Junkfooddog Zwiers joined the Empire of New Rome in early February, after converting from other Anti-Roman militaries. He was trained by Programmer Kalok; a name most have forgotten. (Considered to be the first true Roman Convert, Kalok, by recommendation of General Chelsea Abernathy, was given the rank of Drill Master). Joining Rome during a period of changing grid affairs, Junkfooddog Zwiers soon clashed with Kion Kuhn, an influential Roman figure. The conflict between these two soldiers lasted several months until they both put their anger aside. Their conflicts, while lasting, resulted in many changes in Roman affairs, and even a notorious gunfight on the main deck of Nox.

After Darckk Trilam was banned, Squed Plunkett took power over Rome. After him followed Kion Kuhn, Ben Clancy [via election], and then Junkfooddog Zwiers. Squed went AWOL and Ben resigned. Leaving Rome in shambles. For the latter half of July, the Roman base remained completely vacant.

Eventually, sometime early August, Junkfooddog Zwiers rallied whatever was left of the Roman Empire, into the group "[New Rome: Nova Squadron]". From that group, he began training new recruits at record levels - approximately 8 recruits passed per workweek. This lasted for a couple weeks, bolstering Rome's military levels significantly. People recruited during this time were known as Novians. (See Roman Genealogy)

Once Activity levels were higher, base activity began to spark up again. Kion Kuhn returned to active duty as Effective Commanding Officer over Rome, and military operations began again.

On September 1st, 2007 Anno Domini, Kion Kuhn's birthday, the Roman General turned on his people and destroyed the Roman Capitol, as well as selling 60% of Roman land. Junkfooddog Zwiers was suspended 24 hours the following day.

Upon returning, he was granted office as the De Facto In-Game Roman Leader by the Emperor, via Skype, due to Kion's violent resignation. Before this, Junkfooddog Zwiers had held an honorary ownership for maintenance reasons.

After serving several Months, he eventually went on leave from Rome due to, as he describes, "Real Life Issues". Leaving Cloud Koba in command.

After the Hacking Incident of 5/26/8, Junkfooddog Zwiers has been stripped of Tenure due to, as Kharne Spyker describes "Security Reasons", and currently holds rank of Tribunus.

Junkfooddog Zwiers goes by the name of Kenneth in real life, and is a British/American Dual Citizen. He is of English, German-Jewish, and Middle Eastern (India) descent. He will be 15 as of November 22nd '08, and is currently holding the tenure as CEO of the Weapons Conglomerate, Arlington Corp. , spending little time with Military Affairs outside of the business aspect.

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