Juro joined Second Life on September 4, 2003 and have been an active member ever since. In that first week, He bought land in the northwest corner of Teal, but soon was looking for a nice waterfront parcel. In late September, He bought a small waterfront plot in Stillman, where he remains to this day.

Juro kothari homes was started in the fall of 2004 after repeated requests from other Second Life members that were looking for high-quality, fairly priced prefab homes. The first model, the SOMA, was launched and quickly became a favorite for those looking for a modern home that would fit on a smaller plot.

Throughout 2004 and 2005, the line was expanded to seven models varying in size and design, though all retained the clean, modern look that has become a hallmark for jkh homes. Beginning in 2005, the entire line was rebuilt and relaunched to include several new features including the one-way privacy tint and the automatic lighting systems. Each model is continually updated when new prim-saving construction techniques are found or when new features are introduced.

Shortly after the launch of the SOMA model, it became apparent that many of the customers neede a simple solution that would help them setup thier new home quicly and easily. With the launch of the Malibu model, the Placement Sphere was introduced. This simple, prim-based solution allowed a user to quickly setup the new home quickly and perfectly.

Late in 2005, the product line was expanded with a collection of more traditionally styled homes. The Rockridge was the first model to showcase this new approach and was very well recieved by customers who loved the custom textures, full kitchen and high levels of detail. This new line, now with 2 models, will continue to grow in 2006 and will remain as the premium line of jkh prefab homes

Juro Kothari started juro kothari homes as a way to bring exciting, quality homes to SL residents at a reasonable cost. Featuring innovative designs with SL's unique topography in mind, the homes are built to take full advantage of SL's views.

Each prefab home includes the new Home Brain 3.0 system that controls the tintable windows, locking doors, lighting and access control.

The avatar, Juro Kothari, and the juro kothari homes business have become well known for excellent architectural style and quality craftsmanship. In the Fall of 2008, Juro met a new resident by the name of Katt79 Magic and they became close friends. They combined ideas for Fabulocity Terrace, which is located in DeNewenham. It was completed shortly there after and still stands today it's Ms. Magic's primary residence. It was contructed around Kothari's build "The Capistrano".

Juro Kothari has contributed greatly to the community of SL. He is a talented bulider and visionary. He continues to create functional works of art with every build.

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