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Kalisten VanDornan: Caledon Gentleman, Explorer, Tesla Scientist.

Kalisten VanDornan is the chief researcher and groundskeeper of the Caledon Institute of Hypnotic Phenomenona Research and Past Lives Investigation at the northern end of Caledon Southend. Feel free to drop by for a cup of tea and a slowly expanding selection of case studies and experiments from the hypnotic realm. Contact Kal if you have a case needing investigation.

Behind the Institute is a campfire and an aether-signal receiver which eminates stories told of ghosts, mysteries and suspense.

Some say Kal also has a steam-powered laboratory high in the sky where he keeps the high-voltage Tesla Field-Distortion Unit, which can be used for time travel, as well as other Tesla research and devices, such as the lightning coffee brewing machine.

Before running the Institute, Kal was a co-founder of the Caledon Tesla Society, along with JJ Drinkwater and ambiant Kukulcan. Kalisten built the Tesla Tower that provided wireless power to anyone who wants it in Caldeon and the surrounding area. ambient also has wireless power transmitters working on several of his properties as well, making sure Caledonians are well-supplied with as much electricity as they desire. These older towers were replaced in 2009 by new Tesla towers built by Averial Falcon.

Kalisten is a builder, scripter, and storyteller, and will usually regale anyone that asks with chatter in any of those three subjects. Kalisten can sometimes be found telling stories at Caledon pub, The Fallen Anvil, with its fine proprietor, Aldo Stern.

TT-1st floor 002

Kal during the construction of the Tesla Tower

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