Previously a Blackfire operative under the name Jamoe Suntzu, Kane Gable was unhappy with the reputation he had earned in his 2006 military career. He decided to create a new account in March of 07 named Kane Gable. Some people speculate as to whether or not Kane's name has anything to do with Cain or Abel from Genesis. In truth, Kane is a direct descendant of Cain, who became the first assassin to have ever lived after he killed his brother Abel in Genesis.

After creating his new account "Kane Gable", Kane was against fighting or participating in the warfare which ravaged the grid. He instead made friends and stayed peaceful. It lasted only a few months. In June of 07 Kane met Aries Matova, a character he didn't know to be laroca Mostel. Aries showed Kane a side of Talon which he had never seen before. Kane joined District 5. as a nuclear survivalist. Quickly rising up the ranks, Kane impressed both Blue Backbite and Exuvae Hykova with his loyalty and skills in animation.

By the time the "Shadow of Grandeur" was set in orbit above Gordon, Kane was nearly a Kapitan in Talon. After an act of tomfoolery, Kane left Talon for Josh Quine's army "Bloodline". Though Kane later realized he only did this to retrieve his revenge on the leader of the Righteous Iron Fist, Fenix Hudson. After Bloodline had annihilated the Iron Fist in a single battle lasting less than two hours, Kane found his membership in Bloodline to be pointless and quickly remembered why he joined Talon in the first place.

After proving his loyalty to Talon once more, Kane went back and forth between activity. For a period of years, Kane's friends searched for him. In March 2011 Kane came back to the Talon manifestation on the Main Grid known as Coalition Order on the sim Strike. He wrote the training plan and has taken over the role as primary drill sergeant.

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